15 Must Have Diablo III Items

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

After an expansion, a console port and several patches, Diablo III looks really healthy right now. With lots of special items and legendaries added to the game it almost — almost! — feels like Diablo II again, with all the maths you have to do to assemble the perfect character with the perfect gear.

We gathered 15 really great items to help you do just that, focusing mostly on those that are available to every class and can be found both in the PC and the console versions of the game:

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Stone of Jordan

Why is it good? Although it doesn’t have a legendary affix, the 25-30 per cent increased damage against elite monsters and the bonus elemental damage makes this one of the best rings in the game for all classes.

Where can I find it? It’s very rare, but any mob can drop it.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Leoric’s Crown

Why is it good? It has a guaranteed socket and the legendary affix will boost the socketed gem’s power. Just put a Ruby in it while you’re levelling your character and switch it to a Diamond when you’re 70 to reduce cooldowns.

Where can I find it? Any mob can drop this one, but you have a higher chance to grab it by killing the Skeleton King in Act 1.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Nemesis Bracers

Why is it good? You should keep this in your inventory and switch your bracers out with it every time you see a shrine to spawn an extra group of elites. More XP, more possibilities for legendaries.

Where can I find it? Any mob can drop it.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Wand of Woh

Why is it good? One of the most powerful items in the game. See that legendary affix with the 3 additional Explosive Blasts? Grab gear for your wizard with a lot of cooldown reduction, equip this wand, and get ready to spam Explosive Blasts.

Where can I find it? Any mob can drop it, but sadly it’s one of the rarest items in the game.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items


Why is it good? Works really well if you are in a 4 player game and everyone has the ring equipped. You and your friends don’t really have to worry about damage taken because of the legendary affix. Very useful in higher difficulty levels.

Where can I find it? Any mob can drop it.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Tasker and Theo

Why is it good? The increased pet attack speed makes this one great for most Witch Doctor builds, but other classes, like Hydra Wizards and Wolf Demon Hunters, can benefit too.

Where can I find it? Any mob can drop this one.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Ramaladni’s Gift

Why is it good? Adds a socket to any unsocketed weapon. It’s really handy if you find the perfect weapon, but it’s missing a socket.

Where can I find it? Any mob can drop it, but only in the PC version, and only at Torment I difficulty or higher.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Ring of Royal Grandeur

Why is it good? Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1. Set items are not always the best regarding stats, but wearing this ring can unlock some really powerful set bonuses early, freeing up equipment slots for other items.

Where can I find it? By completing all five Act 1 bounties there’s a small chance you’ll get this as a reward from Tyrael. The drop rate was raised significantly in the 2.1 patch in the PC version, so be sure to grab this one as soon as you can do bounties in Adventure Mode.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

The Witching Hour

Why is it good? It doesn’t have a legendary affix, but with the guaranteed increase of attack speed and critical hit damage, this will boost your DPS like no other belt.

Where can I find it? Any mob can drop it, but you have to be very lucky.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Bane of the Powerful

Why is it good? The 15% damage increase against elites speaks for itself. Add this legendary gem to a socketed ring or amulet and you’re good.

Where can I find it? Greater Rift bosses drop it, only on PC. Legendary gems are almost always guaranteed drops until you have them all, so just do Greater Rifts and you’ll have one soon.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Aether Walker

Why is it good? Almost unlimited teleporting with your wizard? That sounds crazy. This one’s a new item added in patch 2.1 so I didn’t see one in-game yet, but I’m pretty sure this wand opens up a lot of new possibilities for your wizard character.

Where can I find it? Any mob can drop it, but only on PC and only if you’re playing with a seasonal character. The item will be added to non-seasonal game modes after Season 1 ends.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Hellfire Amulet

Why is it good? The image doesn’t show it, but the amulet comes with an extra random passive skill. You get four passives at level 70. This amulet adds a slot for a fifth. The extra passive skill cannot be re-rolled, though, so it will be challenging to finally get the one you need.

Where can I find it? It’s a craftable item, and it’s difficult to get all the materials needed. But it’s definitely worth the effort. Click here for a detailed guide.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Bottomless Potions

Why is it good? There are many types of legendary potions and they pretty much make normal health potions useless. As the description says, they’re bottomless. The legendary affixes are just extra help against elite packs.

Where can I find it? These items only drop at Torment I difficulty or higher.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Embodiment of the Marauder set

Why is it good? Because of the set bonuses, this is the ultimate gear for the most powerful Demon Hunter builds right now.

Where can I find it? Roll a Demon Hunter, get it to level 70, and set the difficulty to Torment I or higher.

15 Must Have Diablo III Items

Raiment of the Jade Harvester set

Why is it good? Just like the Marauder set above, because of the set bonuses, the Jade set is essential for many Witch Doctor builds.

Where can I find it? Roll a Witch Doctor, get it to level 70, and set the difficulty to Torment I or higher.

Obviously there are many more. Build-specific weapons, two-handed weapons that were recently buffed on the PC, cool craftable set items, very rare amulets that are perfect against certain elemental damage types. If you have a favourite be sure to drop it in the comments.

Pictures: DiabloWiki


  • Honestly the Hellfire ring is better than the amulet, i have 3 of the amulets with great rolls a socket, and good extra passive, but its not worth the 20% damage loss or the added survivability of my current amulet http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/countess-julias-cameo love dat Arcane immunity 😀

    Something else to keep in mind, Kadala the blood shard merchant also drops all of these items.

    • Oh god yes, that Amulet. Doing Rift runs on those tiny corridor mades when facing Arcane elites is a breeze with that amulet.

      • I find that the later Grifts seem to switch to lightning based enemies, but yes in the tight corridors when you get illusion arcane bombed, i stand there and wail on the mobs while my whole party dies 😀

    • Its Random, but you need a socket in it if you have a build that relies heavily on CDR, like my Sader and his Holy Shotgun.

      Took me 4000+ blood shards to get a near perfect roll with a socket, but worth it 😀

    • The crown has been changed since patch, completely new affix, so if it’s pre patch it wouldn’t be guaranteed a sock

  • When you say “any mob can drop it” does that literally mean any mob in any area on any difficulty? As in there could be a 0.000001% chance the first mob you encounter at the start might drop it, for example?

    • Yes, any mob, any box, any destructible, and chest or barrel can drop them.
      I cant count how many times i’ve clicked a “loose stone” and gotten a legendary or Set item.

      The higher the difficulty you are playing the higher the chance

  • Not going to lie, I am loving the amount of D3 articles pouring through 🙂 totally and completely addicted to this game once again

    • Completely agree. I only just bought D3 for PC after hearing all this hype for the console release’s Ultimate Edition. Can’t stop playing and love Kotaku’s recent attention to the game.

  • Firebirds for Wiz with toxin gem….the DoT is, to put it quite simply, spectacular!

    My WD is still running a lvl 60 Witching Hour. I can’t find anything to beat it! :/

  • Unity ring is awesome if you have an item which makes your follower invunrable to damage, so when solo, you’re effectively halving your damage taken.

  • i dont’ have any of them….
    and i can’t be bothered to hunt…
    and you can’t buy anymore…


  • I am on the console version (PS4) and my witchdoctor is lvl 70 pargon 95 but I still die heaps on torment 4 so these articles are a great help. Keep them coming as I totally love this game. Thanks.

  • Hmmm. This article was surprisingly accurate (i.e. must have gear). Don’t know why I was expecting it to be full of lame gear. Maybe I am just becoming cynical.

    About the only other item I would consider important for certain builds would be Cindercoat. The 20% fire and potential 30% resource cost reduction enables a lot of classes to run significantly more efficient fire builds. Some can even eliminate the need for a resource generating abilities altogether resulting in very potent offensive combinations.

    • in T6 horadric cache have 100% drop of bounty legendary. Still a random chance to get Ring of Royal Grandeur among other stuff like the Skeleton King Pauldron and Vambraces

      • I opened 3 act 1 caches at T3 solo for 2 RORG (one socketed and with 49% CHD) an a Leorics gorget. Hundred were opened before. Now I can run cindercoat with my akkhans set and am just shy of a million DPS. Still got a loooong way to go. Diablo is crack.

  • Great article. I’ve leveled my seasonal DH damn quick with Leoric’s Crown socketed with a ruby (PC version).

    • It’s not really as much a “must” as a nice thing to have. It’s best in slot for pretty much all classes, but the drop rate is abysmally low. There are only a few thousand in the entire game. You can replace it with a Sun Keeper or plenty of other things. They wont be as good as the insane +50% extra damage to elites, but 99,999% of people will have to deal with it.

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