50 Ways Superman Could Beat Batman

50 Ways Superman Could Beat Batman

Fifty not-so-serious ways, since Superman plays in a whole different league. But still, some of these — presented by Mr Sunday Movies — are brutal, especially number 38.

I'd say throwing Batman into space would solve this issue easily. Maybe we'll see some attempts in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Fifty Ways Superman Could Beat Batman [MrSundayMovies, YouTube]


    Batman would have contingencies in place for ALL of these possibilities and any more that superman could think up, before supes had even thought about thinking them up.


      If Batman is canny enough to have Shark Repellent spray in his belt, I'm sure he'd have some spare Kryptonite available.


    Batman keeps a supply of kryptonite for if Superman goes off the rails, I think he even keeps it on his belt in a lead box.

      I'm sure that will stop Superman from sealing Wayne Manor (or any random unprotected building that Batman happens to be fighting crime in) shut with ice, lifting the whole building off its foundation, and tossing it into space.

        But if Superman was to do something as wildly uncharacteristic as that, there would be other tell-tale signs that he had become MENTALLY UNSTABLE. Bruce would've noticed these prior to this event happening and had a contingency plan for it.

        If you think that is stupid, you obviously don't read any of the comics.

          It's quite funny that Batman is essentially Pun-Pun when it comes to Superman. He knows everything that Superman is about to do and can essentially travel back in time and prepare for it with a 'contingency', even a contingency that would be really time-consuming and complex to prepare. The only contingency that is remotely reasonable and that would work no matter what Superman was going to do, is 'stop Superman before he acts'. So basically Superman can never beat Batman because Batman is omniscient and a god.

        When did supes get ice powers?

          he's going by the Christopher Reeve version with his icy-fresh breath http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131119081125/superman-anthology/images/7/7e/Ice_Breath.jpg

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        Until Batman presses the kryptonite pulse button on his belt which emits a wave of kryptonite radiation in every direction, taking out superman.

    Batman has contingencies for every member of the Justice League, he even leaves after it becomes a problem. In the Dark Knight Series he also beats Superman when he is an old man through the use of a power suit.

    The Bat > Superstooge

      He only 'beats' Superman in the Dark Knight book because Superman is too much of a boy scout to bring his A-game to a fight (the book actually says this).

    Flies into space, shoots a laser through batmans head when he's out next dressed as Bruce Wayne, killing him, before Batman knew what happened. Done.

    Ultimate nutshot? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=desb0W6u80Y

    (Sorry for the mobile link)

    Seeing as Kryptonite is effectively rendered harmless by placing it in a lead box, why doesn't Superman just have his super-suit impregnated with lead effectively shielding him from Kryptonites' effects? I don't think the weight of the suit would be a problem, considering he is Superman...

    This is stupid. it only takes into account Superman's powers and not his conscience .

    This is akin to me saying I could completely destroy a kitten 100 different ways, except for the fact that I wouldn't because I'm not a fricken psychopath! Superman wouldn't throw Bruce into space because he is his friend and values human life.

    And to those who say Superman was a shell of himself in The Dark Knight Returns; he certainly wasn't in The Dark Knight Strikes Again! He went after Bruce full of rage and determination and still got his ass handed to him.

    I love listening to comic fans try to convince themselves that batman could win. It requires such creativity and leaps of logic and is far more entertaining than what would really happen.

    Also, this video was really fun - loved the humour!

    The way he dealt with Shazam in Injustice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmCLgAH2eVo



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