7 Minutes Of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer

7 Minutes Of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer

We’ve heard it before, but I really do get the sense this year’s Call of Duty is going to be a significant step forward to some degree. Maybe it’s that word ‘Advanced’. Maybe it’s because it isn’t technically a sequel to something or other and a new ‘brand’ in its own right. Whatever. Activision has worked its marketing magic on me and I’m ready to believe again.

Call it a response to Titanfall, call it whatever you like, I just like the idea of a team finally getting to unleash the ideas it had been holding back for years. I remember when I first saw the demo for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We were told back then that Infinity Ward had been waiting a long time to make a game set in the modern era, and therefore poured every single idea they had into the project.

I wonder if we might be witnessing something similar with Advanced Warfare? I sure hope so.

Either way, the game feels like an uncharacteristic risk for the series, so at the very least I’m intrigued. I’m intrigued to see how it all fits together, intrigued to see how the new mechanics affect the game’s balance. In general Advanced Warfare has just sparked my interest into a franchise I thought I was done with. Here’s hoping they deliver something special.


  • Oh damn, you’ve already fixed the typo. When the title said Call of Dury I was going to make a reference to Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

  • The only thing that can hold this game back is fatigue from so many yearly releases. I want to be excited for CoD again, but I’m just tired.

    • As someone who hasn’t played a CoD game since World at War, this might be the one that brings me back into the fold. If I can tear myself away from he Master Chief Collection, that is.

    • Pick the company you think will make the best of the three and hype on it for a bit?

      I’m waiting for Treyarch. I couldn’t really care less about the other two. <.

  • I think this has some potential. Not enough to warrant a purchase straight away for me though. Will be far too busy with Destiny, Halo: MCC, GTA, etc so will have to wait and hear some of the feedback from friends.

  • Notice it says, ‘never seen in cod’ because it’s talking about things from games like Crysis.

    I wasn’t a fan of MW3 or Ghosts MP. I want another cod which is fun and this sparked my interest, but if you go onto youtube there is actually extended unedited game play footage and honestly it looks exactly the same as those two COD games.

    All this jumping and stuff is limited with batteries, so it’s not constantly stuff that is going on. Most of it looked like normal game play. Just seems it’s probably more of the over complicating the game which will only appeal to the COD fan boys who will spend ages on all the perks and load outs. SO anyone else playing will just be frustrated because some COD fan boi has some wall hack perk camping so you can’t get to him. Then if you try to frag him, fire a rocket he has a lame little shield to protect him.

  • I’d prob buy a remastered MW1, Blops1 was pretty good, MW3 was first COD I didnt buy since COD1 and haven’t bought any since.

  • This reminds me of how they were touting the revolutionary fish ai.

    Double jumping and dodging? looks like the floaty playstyles of UT and quake to me.

    A Cyber suit? Hello crysis

    Having said this, the game still looks fun, but the way they carry on makes it seem like they are unaware that other fps games have ever existed.

  • Funny. I just posted on another article about how I wasn’t a fan of triple-A titles, but… This actually looks interesting.

  • Oh would you look at that! It looks like EVERY SINGLE OTHER COD that has EVER been released. On the SAME overused engine. DOn’t get me wrong, when COD 4 MW was release, it was awesome. Even MW2 was really good. Everything since then has been completely mediocre at best. Suck a fat one Activision.

    • “On the SAME overused engine.”
      This argument never made sense to me.

      Bungie and 343 use a modified Halo 1 engine for all their subsequent games. Destiny even re-used animations from Halo Reach.

      Skyrim’s purported all-new engine was in fact a modified Gamebryo engine, which Bethesda used for Oblivion and Fallout 3.

      Valve’s Source engine, which could also be considered overused by your standards, is built on the GoldSrc engine, which in turn was a heavily modified Quake engine. Sound familiar?

      You’re right about CoD going downhill after MW2, but the “same engine” criticism holds no real water when every other big company does it.

  • Honestly, it looks a lot like they’ve just re-appropriated elements from other FPS multi-player titles, especially Titanfall.

    Don’t get me wrong, it looks great, but the thing I care most about is anti-cheat, Ghosts PC multi-player sucked because of cheaters.

    I don’t just accuse anyone better than me of cheating, I check all the cheater sites and forums for the availability and access of cheats (free and paid) to determine whether I’ll be bothered jumping online, and COD games on PC always get cheats.

  • If the PC version has a FOV slider that goes to at least 90 and server lists i “might” give cod another chance…maybe

  • I haven’t played a CoD game since MW1, and this actually seems pretty cool.

    However, it does just seem like Halo or Titanfall…

  • Many moons ago I used to enjoy COD but the community killed it for me. Too bad Activision can’t change its community.

  • They have all this money and talent. Why not make a different game that isn’t Call of Duty. I mean…After Black Ops 2 I was thinking it was the end. But…Obviously not. Every year I will admit, i see the trailers and I go wow that looks cool. But then I realize it will be the same shit as every year.

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