7 Types Of Pokémon Players


    Doesn't the last one basically also represent the shiny, naming, clueless and gym types?

    That bottom one is me all over. FURRET FOR LIEF

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    Type 7 right here. Stuff balance, i just pick the Pokemon I like.

    I'm the first one but for me that is having fun! Even if I want to use Pokemon that aren't very good I will still breed them to have almost perfect IV's and then EV train them.


      The EV training song makes me laugh more than anything else on the entire internet :p

      Not even saying I'm against EV training, nor that I haven't done it myself.....

    I didn't realise that "The Gym Leader" and "The One Who's Doing This For Fun" were separate entities...
    I've been playing Pokemon X with the intent of building an all-Steel-type team as they are some of my favourite Pokemon. So far I have 4 out of 6 with perfect IV's and EV trained. I don't care if it's not the most viable team for competitive play, it's just the goal I set myself.

    "The one who's doing this for fun" has a potentially very threatening rain team

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