A Gorgeous Look At The Open World Of The Witcher 3

Just in case you forgot about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red has released a brand new developer diary to remind you how glorious it looks.

I'm getting caught up in the hype for this one, and I've barely even played previous games in the series. I'm just loving the sense of scale, the look and the art. The weird thing is that The Witcher 3 doesn't quite look like an RPG. When I watch it in action it looks more like Assassin's Creed or Red Dead Redemption than say... Skyrim. But it appears to have the depth of an environment like that. I just love the focus on details, and it seems like the fiction and the lore of the game is actually intriguing.

Also sunsets. Glorious sunsets. Man, I should probably play the other Witcher games.


    Man, I should probably play the other Witcher games.Yes, yes you should. In fact, why are you sitting there writing? GO! GO NOW!

    Yes Mark, you definitely should play one or both of the witcher games (Time permitting as they are both pretty long)

    #1 is a bit clunky gameplay wise, but has great lore depth and storey (bit dated graphically now)
    #2 is muuuch better gameplay wise, it has some elements based off decisions from the first game events, but you shouldn't have any issues playing through it without having played #1

    Quick to the Serrels mobile !!!!

    Might be time to dust off Witcher 2 and actually complete it!

      my thoughts exactly. Played one but never really got into 2 much for some reason

    I'm sorry Mark, you are no longer my favorite journalist... Play these games!!!

    Completed Witcher 2 the other day in preparation of Witcher 3. Did not managed to finish Witcher 1 tho. Couldn't really get into it as much as Witcher 2. What do you guys think? Should I finish Witcher 1 as well or I know enough of Witcher universe after completing Witcher 2?

    yep gotta admit, I have had the Witcher 2 sitting in my steam library for an embarrassingly long time. Have never played either of them before. Once I hit lvl 20 on Destiny I think I'm moving it to the top of the list...

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