A Movie About Loki Comprised Totally Of Scenes Featuring Loki

Okay, that headline is a terrible way to describe it. Here's the situation: some clever person has taken all scenes featuring Loki from all Marvel movies — I'm talking Thor, The Avengers, deleted scenes from those movies — then stuck them all together into a narrative structure therefore giving Loki his own goddamn movie.

I support this wholeheartedly.

The best parts, for me, is seeing deleted scenes and blooper reels being somehow integrated into the story. Pretty awesome.

Also, this thing is like two hours long. It's like fan fiction... in video form. This is the new vanguard of fan fiction. This is art.

Via Gizmodo


    Sorry, but am I the only one that's starting to get sick of Loki?

      Probably not, but I'd say you're a minority. I like Loki. Him and Tony Stark are probably the two best characters to come out of the new Marvel films.

      Major props to Hiddleston and Downey Jr. for their portrayal of the two characters.

    How do these fan re-cuts not get taken down for copyright infringement immediately?

      Because Marvel is loving the attention that it's getting from all of this

    I think Loki could actually have his own movie, with how Tom Hiddleston plays him - just so charismatic and easy to watch. Just brilliant stuff here.

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