A Quick Overview Of All The Locations In Destiny

Want to know what planets and missions are available to you for Destiny's launch? If so, you'll want to check out this map overview.

Obviously, this video by MoreConsole contains spoilers — so watch at your own risk. Specifically, it details the the upcoming raid, Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, the reef, strike playlists, and crucible modes.

The walkthrough is particularly handy if you want to know what level you need to be to take certain stuff on, as well as get an idea of some of what you can do on each planet.

Destiny Full Map Walkthrough! [MoreConsole]


    Pity about all the EMPTY locations tho, found so many caves/tunnels/ areas devoid of anything..

    This is so irrelevant / no information just imaginary zones that mean nothing to me.

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