A VR Game About Grabbing Anime Breasts

A VR Game About Grabbing Anime Breasts

Virtual reality is an exciting technology that is now finally coming into its own. There are limitless possibilities, (like understanding the prose of James Joyce). But to heck with that — people are just gonna use it to perv out.

The video above from NicoNico Douga user Ryuto, is a tech demo for an arduino-controlled breast touching simulator. The simulator uses a LeapMotion pressure sensor, a Rift Headset, a Arduino control board and a mousepad with boobs on it.

Let’s be real — even if it is super creepy, it is kind of an inevitability now. If you make technology that allows people can touch their anime girlfriend, they’re gonna make that a reality (although I really could have gone without the weird noises she makes after that sudden drop in music).

According to Rocket News 24, the game will be publicly available to demo at OcuFes in Nagoya on September 14 if you want to try it out in person. You can follow Ryuto on Twitter here.

via The Daily Dot, Rocket News 24.

Picture: The Daily Dot


  • Of course the Japanese are the first to do this. They’re always the ones who do what everyone else is already thinking., without a shred of self-consciousness

  • ehhhhheyyy, hmmmm The future is bright with hope, i better start preparing for this new bomb of enjoyment that is bestowed upon at this time of Sept.
    i’m saying “shut up…’n’ take my damn cash”

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