An Accurate Summary Of Team Fortress 2 In 60 Seconds

An Accurate Summary Of Team Fortress 2 In 60 Seconds

Colour-changing characters, trading and a little bit of fighting. That and YouTuber Chasming's take on Team Fortress 2 pretty much sums up the game and all its madness accurately.

It is a submission for Valve's annual Saxxy Awards — a contest held for the Source Filmmaker community — which is just around the corner.

SFM TF2 in 60 seconds (Saxxy Awards 2014) [YouTube]


    They missed the bit where me medic heals you and then dumps you as soon as you attack some one.
    And where all the people take the engi's metal at start up so he can't build level 3 buildings.

    Completely wrong. Why is he the only spy there? Should throw in 4 others on the same team for accuracy.

    7 years later and 2fort is still my favourite multiplayer map to play

    Ahhhh, pub servers. I grinned/grimaced at that sniper trying to shoot through the window. For some reason I can't grok n00bs love the sniper class.
    Sadly enough, I am coming up to 2k hours on TF2 (zero idling, that's entirely pew-pew). What am I doing with my life...

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