An Hour-Long Retrospective Of The Aliens Vs. Predator Games

An Hour-Long Retrospective Of The Aliens Vs. Predator Games
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Despite what happened with Aliens: Colonial Marines, the original Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000 is a quintessential PC game, and one that deserves a fair shake.

YouTuber and game critic Noah Caldwell-Gervais put together this thorough, hour-long retrospective on some of the core Aliens Vs. Predator games, starting with Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000 and going all the way through to the less-than-stellar Aliens: Colonial Marines. It’s so comprehensive, he even goes in-depth about the Stasis Interrupted DLC which most people didn’t stick around to play. In that sense, he’s a braver man than I.

It’s always great to see long-form video retrospectives that take their time with the subject material.

via Noah Caldwell-Gervais


  • Hey, I have an interesting story about AVP if anybody would like to read. Just gotta copy and paste it.

    Back several years in highschool my IT teacher would throw LANs in the schools library for the weekend at the end of every term. He would upload a LOT of games to the computers for people to play, one of the games just happened to be Aliens Versus Predator.

    When I would join a game there were only two factions playing in team slayer. Aliens, and Marines. Since everybody loved the instant kill and fast moving Aliens, it usually resulted in 10 Aliens slowly getting to the final score via 3 Marines who couldn’t work out their motion tracker.

    Annoyed that the game had resulted to Zerg rushing, I looked through the controls and played the tutorial level for the Predator, where I had learned about the visions. At first I thought they just made one race stand out more, but after one game I played where they kept facehugger rushing me and I abused the Net (I didn’t win the match because they gained points from killing the other players) I had noticed that certain weapons created that Triangle over the enemies and I learned then that some weapons auto-locked on.

    I went back into the game with Alien vision left on (everybody had stopped playing Marines and Predators by then, except the ignorant players) and, as my friends described, “machined gunned down everyone with my shoulder cannon”. My winning streak started then.

    Unfortunately my friends were annoyed I was always winning, so every now and then someone would try to sneak behind me and see how I played the game. I always turned my vision off when they did this, but once when I was playing I suddenly heard “Ah-ha!” behind me and found that one friend who used games to boost his ego (there’s more to this) standing behind me.

    Then the game switched back to what it was, except now everybody was playing Predator. Annoyed that everyone were always going for the unbalanced, cheap gameplay (like 90% of all players on Modern Warfare 2) I decided to start playing with the Marines, and learned then that the Predators fell really easy to Marine weapons.

    Now all the players were annoyed that there was no overpowered race and started playing by their preferences and skills. So I single-handedly forced everyone to play the game as it was supposed to be played as and there were an even amount of Aliens, Marines and Predators.

    There’s also a similar story to the popular game Jedi Knight Academy, except that game had more laughs from my antics.

  • That was a truly excellent video. WELL worth the hour. Well research, excellently presented and backed up all its claims superbly. Very well done and very impressive.

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