Australia Is Playing Host To An Awesome Studio Ghibli Showcase

With all the news concerning Studio Ghibli and whether or not the renowned studio will continue making movies, local Australian distributor Madman has announced a Studio Ghibli Showcase, a cinematic event showing a selection of more recent Ghibli movies alongside some of the classics. There will also be showings of documentaries focusing on Studio Ghibli.

The Studio Ghibli showcase is focusing on perhaps the two most famous directors from Ghibli. The first, obviously is Hayao Miyzaki. The second is Isao Takahata, perhaps most famous for his brutally poignant movie Grave of the Fireflies.

The idea is to show the movies that made both directors famous alongside their most recent works. Therefore My My Neighbor Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies will be shown alongside The Tale of The Princess Kaguya and The Wind Rises.

The screenings will be done primarily through Dendy.

Between October 9 and October 22 the showcase will be shown at Dendy Newtown in Sydney, Cinema Nova in Melbourne, Dendy Canberra, and Dendy Portside in Brisbane.

In Perth the showcase will be available to watch at Luna Leederville from November 6 until November 19 and in Adelaide it'll be shown at Palace Nova East End from November 27 until December 10. Head to Madman for more information.

The idea is to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of Studio Ghibli's double release of Grave of the Fireflies and Totoro. Both movies are on opposite sides of multiple different spectra, but both are perfect examples of the power of animation. I think I'll be signing up for this.


    dammit, why is it always newtown
    That place is so dodgy

      Portside is nice but it's such a mission to get there!

      Newtown's pretty close for me, but not sure if I want to brave it... All the people I see getting off at Newtown station seem like exactly the kind of people I avoided like the plague all through high school...

        It's not THAT weird, I mean I go there almost once weekly with my family to eat at our favourite restaurant which is across from Dendy. It's not dangerous or anything haha. I don't think a fear of Newtown should let you miss out on a showcase like this!

      I got your back Ces. There is a mad Burrito place in Newtown we can hit up before hand.

      You guys don't leave the house much do you?

      Newtown? Dodgy? hahahahahahhahahahahahahahah. Newtown hasnt been dodgy since the 80s.

      For Sydney - I wish they would show these in Circular Quay instead.

      Newtown, as well as being dodgy.. parking is hell.. and the back streets must've been designed by a nutcase. You drive in and suddenly you are stuck in a freakin one way maze that you can't get out of, with one inch to spare either side of your car.

      @cesario @os42
      The beauty of Newtown is that everyone, regardless of who you are or what you look like, is accepted.

      You shouldn't judge people simply because they don't look like you.

      Last edited 02/09/14 7:36 pm

        Im not judging people because they look different, i never said anything like that, i dont like it because the 2inch scar on my lower back from out side that ghetto bakery reminds me otherwise

    Adelaide is so cool that our town doesn't even need to be spelled correctly!
    (Simpsons reference)

    Last edited 01/09/14 12:50 pm

    It's odd that they picked Totoro as the movie that made Miyazaki famous, because that's not the case. The first Ghibli film to go absolutely massive in terms of box office success was Kiki's Delivery Service.

    EDIT: Oh, of course. Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies were originally released in Japan at the same time as a double-feature. That makes sense then.

    Last edited 01/09/14 12:56 pm

      Mmm if thats the case, I still think Totoro is much more of an immediately recognisable icon of Ghibli and Miyazaki, it's pretty much the first thing everyone thinks of. In that sense I think it makes him more famous, retrospectively.

      Also, I think it's a 25 year anniversary thing.

        Totoro & Grave of the Fireflies were both April 1988, so last year was the 25th Anniversary (!). They released the films on Bluray for it IIRC, though they might have been earlier.

        Studio Ghibli was formed in 1985 though, so next year will be its 30th anniversary as a company.

    Yesssss! I wonder if hoping for film prints is too hopeful or not...

    Gosh, I hope in assured futility that they shoehorn a screening of Mei and the Kittenbus somehow...

      I hate to say it but you'd be out of luck on that front. There is only one place to see it and that is in Mitaka, Japan. I'd also hate to tell you that they have a selection of about 10 short films that sound absolutely amazing. I've seen 2 of them and I can't imagine Ghibli not ever releasing them, even as limited edition DVD's at the museum shop :-(
      Worst of all (but also the best) is that 1. you have to pre-book your museum ticket from Lawson's which doesn't have an english menu. are only given one ticket for the museum cinema. 3. the movie you see changes each day and you can't select what you're going to see.
      Trust me though it is the best place to visit, and Mikata itself is just like you'd picture a Ghibli town. A must see for everyone!

    Ive made a vow to never watch Grave of the Fireflies ever again

    I didnt realise that a movie could kick you in the guts like it did. It was an absolutely brilliant, haunting, sad film - not sure I can put myself through it again

      Same here. Probably makes my top 10 films of all time, but once was enough for me.

      The day after I watched it I caught the cover of the DVD from the corner of my eye and I started sobbing. NEVER AGAIN.

        Hey guys, sounds like you need cheering up. Did you know it's based on a true story? No need to thank me.

      Same again. Watched it with my folks ages ago after we all became fans of Ghibli. It was not what we expected and boy did it tug at the heart strings. One of the best animated movies I've seen. I want desperately to show it to my GF but I don't want to see it again know how sad it is.

    First time I've heard of this Newtown beef. There are only 3 or so types of people you'd find there; hipsters, aging yuppies and uni students. There's almost no violent crime, food is cheap, everyone is tolerant (if a little snobby) and it has only one of two Dendy's in Sydney.

    Can Kotaku go on record in printing how to properly pronounce Ghibli please?

    The Studio is pronounced Jiburi (with a J sound) and not a G sound.

    The original Arabic (?) word is pronounced with a G sound but the Japanese animation studio is pronounced with a J sound. It is written in katakana as ジブリ which is clearly ji-bu-ri and not gi-bu-ri.

    I'm probably preaching to choir with the Kotaku readers, but I see so many people mispronounce it in media (Good Game on ABC, IGN etc) that I would like an article from Kotaku for me to link to as a reference.

      It's an Italian word pronounced Geeb-li more often than not.

      Miyazaki took the word from an Italian aeroplane designer; hence the engine in Porco Rosso having Ghibli written on it.

        Italian word is actually sirocco, ghibli comes from Libya:

        Italians also pronounce it with a hard g sound, but the Japanese animation studio is differentiated by pronouncing it with a j sound.

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