Australia Will Be The Only Country Outside Of Japan To Get The New 3DS In 2014

As per the all the new Australian focused Nintendo Direct, Australia will be the only country outside of Japan to be able to purchase the New 3DS in 2014.

The console won't be sold in Europe or the US until 2015.

The release date is set at November 21, 2014.

I can't remember Australia ever having exclusive 'western' access to a console launch like this, let alone a Nintendo console. Typically Nintendo games and consoles have been slow in coming to our shores. This is a true first for Australia, and almost a historical moment in a sense.

I'm actually a little bit shocked at the news. In a good way.


    I picked up a 3DS XL (limited Red Pokemon edition) last year but looks as though I'll have to get a new one.
    For the exclusive games but also because of an annoying dead pixel right in the middle of the top screen.
    But was very surprised at the Australian exclusivity of the unit. I personally think it's a god thing for Aussie consumers, a good position to released just before Xmas & a handful of exclusive titles will help boast eventual sales. Not sure how well it will do though but might be a way to step up brand awareness.

    I wasn't originally going to get a "new" 3DS XL on release until I saw an exclusive worth buying it for, or if a limited edition I really wanted was announced. But now I've already gone and put a $50 deposit down with EB Games. Why? Because this is a great thing that Nintendo has done and I'm willing to show my gratitude with my wallet. :)

    I'm assuming this must have something to do with Tony Abbott signing on to the TPP.
    "If we give them early access to the 3DS, do you think they'll stop protesting every weekend?" Haha.


    Yep, I'm like all of you. Absolutely stoked! Definitely gonna pre-order this next week. I wonder if that anything to do with Mario Kart 8 doing well here - I know about 15 people who got a Wii U straight after Mario Kart 8 came out.

    Yay for region locking! We get the thing earlier for no reason and there is no benefit to us outside of bragging rights! Yay!

    personally I am so happy about a console company not putting us last on the list, that I am going to buy one for each of my kids and my nephews/nieces. Anyone know where I can preorder 8 of these guys? :)

    This is great news as we are usually seen as some backwater country, but I just bought a XL and feel a bit jipped that i didn't know about this earlier.

    This is good news, but y'all need to calm down a's just a 3DS with a second thumbstick and a marginally better processor after all. Cool? Yes. Lose-your-shit-and-go-into-preorder-frenzy? No.

    Also New Zealand, this Headline isn't quite accurate.

    Not going to lie, I'm kind of keen for the new 3DS. Had so many doubts but I see it's more than a cynical cash grab, and I missed Xenoblade the first time around. Pair that with an early launch and a good price, Nintendo may just have earned a sale!

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