Australian Company Releases Another Incredible Voxel Demo

Remember Euclideon? They’re the Australian company who claimed they would revolutionise video game graphics using voxels. They’ve been working on their ‘Unlimited Detail’ engine for years. Now they’ve released another demo in an attempt to show what that engine can do. If this is legitimate, it’s absolutely jaw-dropping.

This demo was also aided by Euclideon’s SOLIDSCAN technology, which scans in real life images and places them into the Infinite Detail engine.

There’s something strange about the video. I think part of that strangeness is the fact that it looks almost too good. There’s also the issue of voxels themselves. Many people involved in the games industry are convinced that voxels can’t be used in this way, not for video games at least, mainly because it makes animation extremely difficult. You’ll notice that, in the above video, nothing is moving. That’s worth noting.

But it looks spectacular regardless. Euclideon tends to release one of these videos every year or so then disappear back into the wilderness. We’ll have to get in touch and find out what’s next.

It’s worth noting that Euclideon is claiming that it will be releasing two games in 2015 using this technology.

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