Australian Company Releases Another Incredible Voxel Demo

Remember Euclideon? They're the Australian company who claimed they would revolutionise video game graphics using voxels. They've been working on their 'Unlimited Detail' engine for years. Now they've released another demo in an attempt to show what that engine can do. If this is legitimate, it's absolutely jaw-dropping.

This demo was also aided by Euclideon's SOLIDSCAN technology, which scans in real life images and places them into the Infinite Detail engine.

There's something strange about the video. I think part of that strangeness is the fact that it looks almost too good. There's also the issue of voxels themselves. Many people involved in the games industry are convinced that voxels can't be used in this way, not for video games at least, mainly because it makes animation extremely difficult. You'll notice that, in the above video, nothing is moving. That's worth noting.

But it looks spectacular regardless. Euclideon tends to release one of these videos every year or so then disappear back into the wilderness. We'll have to get in touch and find out what's next.

It's worth noting that Euclideon is claiming that it will be releasing two games in 2015 using this technology.


    Euclidean's SOLIDSCAM* technology.

      I know. Seems too good to be true. But if it IS, well, I can't bring myself to believe it is.

      As has been stated many times, this technology is completely plausible, the only impossible thing about it is how to store this much data and how to interact with it.

    Be interested to see something like this coupled with OR/etc. Could create some incredibly "real" simulations.

      vr not or i might be wrong any way every thing looks 2d to much so more like a cut out not sure

    Is it just me or is there some weird depth of field effect going on in that video, especially in the forest scenes?

      looks like their hiding some item border issues not sure

      Last edited 25/09/14 1:29 pm

      Yeah it's like the fish-eye-lens effect, something to do with the FOV I reckon...

      It's feels like when you pan the view on google street view or something.

        My thoughts as well. I'm pretty sure its because those trees were scanned at an angle so when you look straight at them the texture is skewed.

          That makes sense. Makes me wonder how useful the tech is really going to be for game development then...

    Was it two years ago that they claimed there'd be a developer release of the engine by now?

    All this looks like is they put the stuff in a space, to makes a rough scan of the environment and then pasts photographs over it. That is why it looks good, you're looking at a photo.

    I guarantee if you took any good game engine, and slapped photo's for textures it'd look like this if not better. There is also no life as it is a still imagine. Nothing is dynamic. You couldn't change lighting, have reflections and so forth.

    It's probably also controlled angles where you're only seeing things picked up in the scan.

      yea thats why the borders are so visible

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      Didnt HL2 do that with building textures or was that just (at the time) high res textures?

        lots of games have textures based of images. Some of those GTA IV mods look so great because they are textures based off photos stuck onto the geometry.

        The thing is, in a still in a certain position this can look great. Start moving around, not so much.

          Oh, Im not disagreeing with you, it was more to highlight it made things look more realistic because, well, they were images of real building surfaces.
          I think also the fact that the forest had no movement whatsoever made it surreal

    I've been wondering what happened to these guys. I hope this is all legit, such amazing potential.

    I'd want to see a resident evil remake using this tech, seems like the thing it was built for, static environment with a few fancy tricks to build atmosphere like fog, lighting etc. I am also aware that there is already a remake of the remake in the pipeline.

      oh, also just finished season 2 of the walking dead and that fake out near the end totally had me going.

    Looks like the old uncanny valley is affecting how we see it. It should look better if it's this close to reality... And as others have pointed out, I need to see something a little better than this. Still looks like his res photos wrapped over shapes like we already get.

    Animating doesn't seem that much harder.. Just different. I've been working with animating voxel models myself just recently.

      What tools have you been using? Wouldn't mind having a go myself :)

        The simple answer is "math" with my own voxel library haha. Language wise i'm using JavaScript.

          Math? Darn, I'm fresh out...
          I had enough trouble putting together a working chessboard in JavaScript. Think I'll wait until you invent the Maya of Voxels before I have a play :)

            Haha I'm just playing around myself really! Voxels are fun ^_^

      It's not that it's difficult, it's data intensive and a CPU killer. To do simple stuff like swing doors open, sure, that can be done, but each atom has to have its position/rotation/scale transformed. Heaven forbid you try and use a grenade.

        There are ways to offload it to your GPU thankfully, I guess these guys are operating at an entirely different scale to me/most people, but still seems to run pretty smooth for me - so far i've been able to animate up to about 10,000 voxels at a time on even mobile devices (Lumia 920)

          Sounds very interesting. Link please if possible?

    Uuuuaaaaaawwwwh I don't get motion sickness, but I felt queasy watching that. Looks pretty gorgeous, but something's a little off.

    Looks like something they'd use for a Myst type game.

    Pretty sure they have already said that they aren't targeting videos games any more and looking at more commercial uses

      Yep. I believe their aims are more towards stuff like google tours, museum preservation acts, etc.

    Fool me once... I was hyped about this in 2011, now I just feel it's a scam for investor cash.

    Is there any demo that makes it seem like it isn't extra stretchy motion tracking?

    There are still a tonne of question marks over this. The graphics only look nice until they get up close, which is essentially what you do in an FPS. Then it all looks super blocky.

    Plus they've not shown any dynamic lighting or animation, despite saying for years that it's possible.

    I want to believe, but they haven't really done themselves any favours with their marketing over the last 5 or so years.

      The technology is scalable - a voxel is literally just a box, instead of a triangle. When you get enough voxels that each is only half a pixel high even at the closest point.. Yeah that's going to be pretty damn smooth lol.

    Didn't Comanche Maximum Overkill use voxels ? Just trying to think back to my 90's PC games. I remember it shat all over the graphics of all the other aircraft combat sims like F15 Strike Eagle at the time (although F15 was still the most satisfying aircraft GAMEPLAY I think I've had - I don't play aircraft combat games anymore for a reason) and I'm pretty sure that was because of the voxel graphics.

    Can somebody please explain to me why there is such a large amount of hate aimed towards this project?

      No hate - just gamers expecting to see this in games any time soon.

      Basically a couple of indie developers (notch in particular) chimed in saying it isn't possible back when it was first announced, so gamers believing they are the font from which all knowledge flows decided to believe them and start a hate campaign on the company.

      Basically it's a very cutting edge idea and far from a viable product. Yes there is some gigantic hurdles for this to work in video games, but just because it isn't possible right this second doesn't mean it will never be possible.

        Thank you very much. I can see why some people called BS but this looks like the real deal. It's a shame not everybody is happy about this.

          The biggest reason people are calling BS right now is because the company stated they wanted to make game engines "100,000x better overnight" (quoted from their first video) and so far have only created a stupidly efficient rendering engine, no game mechanics at all. The reason most if not all believe this is being hidden right now because it is simply, too hard.

          Their tech they've shown so far is all entirely possible, but they haven't shown games yet. Hopefully in 2015 we'll see something, cause even if the engine dies the R&D has produced some amazing theories to say the least.

            This. What they're showing is quite feasible, and a pretty good implementation. Streaming octree structures off disk is neat and very useful for some fields.

            What the voice-over has *claiming*, however, is "infinite detail", the "death of polygons", nothing short of a revolution in computer graphics. And there's any number of excellent reasons that he's dead wrong, apart from that smug-sounding voice.

            TL;DR: neat implementation of existing idea that's been waaayy too overhyped by the CEO.

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