Batman’s Parents Need To Stay Dead. Here’s Why.

Batman’s Parents Need To Stay Dead. Here’s Why.

The only thing more annoying than finding out your parents are still alive after you’ve built your entire crime-fighting career around their deaths? A new comedy video series from Nerdist with the autoplay locked. Warning: video will autoplay.

Having been reading Batman comic books for decades, I’ve often fantasized about what would happen if Bruce Wayne’s parents hadn’t died in that Gotham City alley when he was a child. I figured it would be cathartic. Looks like it might be a bit too late for that.

Hopefully, future instalments will contain more Ghostbusting Alfred. He’s the best.


  • Arrow’s father needs to stay dead. Seems like the only way to ensure a recurring role on that show is to be killed off.

    “Good news! Your character dies the moment they appear on screen! We have you scheduled in for 3 episodes worth of haunting, then well find a BS reason to bring you back to life, OK?”

    • Must admit, the soap opera/ day’s of our lives ‘they are dead but not’ or ‘she’s your long lost sister’ routine is getting on my nerves.

      Still a decent show, just hope they don’t go too deep into bringing people back/ cheesy everyone is related to everyone thing etc.

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