Bloodborne Is Grotestque and Gorgeous And I Love It

With the Tokyo Game Show comes a new Bloodborne trailer. It is full of some incredibly grotesque enemy design. I am so ready for this video game.

Look, it's becoming increasingly clear that From Software is privvy to some strange formula when it comes to creating compelling, weighty combat and combining it with devious, difficult enemy encounters. For all Bloodborne's differences to Dark Souls/Demons Souls, it looks as though it still has that feeling.

And this is buoyed with some truly dazzling 'next-gen' visuals and that gross Lovecraftian design I mentioned earlier.

I need to play this ASAP.


    As someone who hates Dark Souls, the art direction alone makes me want to play. There needs to be a no monster mode. I just want to mosey about and look at stuff.

    :O :O :O :O I need to change my pants. This just keeps looking better and better.

    Confirmed release date of Feb 6th also (via the EU Blog)

      I saw on the PSN (Australia/EU) the release date is listed for March 31st - anyone else see this?

    This looks stupidly good!!!
    This is going to make me jump onto the next gen ship.
    Bring it on!

    Let's not talk it up too much though or it might get a "terrible" 75% rating.


    Am I the only one who isn't interested? I mean seriously.....this is a new IP that is........exactly the same concept as a previous IP. Why not call it Dark Souls 3 and be done with it?

    Sure the graphics are impressive. For an oppressive omni-colour environment.

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