Community Review: Midnight Launches

Let's talk about midnight launches. Destiny is coming out, and I'm fairly sure a ton of you are heading to a midnight launch. I know I'm considering it.

Myself? I've been to a few. Some I enjoyed, others felt like a complete waste of time. All too often I've stayed up for midnight launches only to drive back home and literally go straight to bed. Like, what was the point of all that? Seriously. I reckon I've done that at for at least 50% of the midnight launches I've attended.

40% of the time, I've turned the game on for roughly 30 minutes and then fallen asleep on the couch.

The remaining 10% probably represents Halo 3, which I actually played until about 4 in the morning, because I had scheduled a day off work the next day.

I guess my point is that while midnight launches are fun, they rarely make any sense for me personally. 90% of the time it would have been more reasonable for me to just pick up the game the next day like a normal person.

But — and it's a big but — how fun is it to get all excited? To leave the house, to get into your car and drive — the roads completely empty. You make it to Westfield. It's completely empty. It feels weird. It feels like you're breaking some sort of rule. It feels like you're somewhere you shouldn't be and that adds to the drama. I really love that.

In a lot of ways I feel like I'm too old for midnight launches, but I could never judge anyone for attending them. Maybe the days of attending them are over for me. I have a kid, I need my sleep. I can't really justify staying up that late for a video game. In a strange way, that makes me mourn. It makes me mourn for those little butterflies in your stomach as head out to get that video game you've been anticipating for months, possibly years.

What are your thoughts on midnight launches? Do you go to them? Do you enjoy them? Let me know in the comments below.


    I've worked midnight launches and really just felt like finding some corner in the stock room to fall asleep in. They're not that fun if you're working them and standing around for two hours while the time slowly passes, making awkward conversation with people sounds like a fate worse than death. I really rather waking up at whatever time I wake up, picking up my order then spending the day (fairly) well-rested and able to play without feeling like a zombie.

      Agreed. From the other side of the counter it's super awkward. My store had to open 11 - 2, and by 12:30 we'd generally have gone through all the customers and would be left standing around wanting to go home and play it ourselves.
      I really hated working midnight launches.

    I went to PS4 launch and didn't even buy one just moral support for friend and JB 20% off everything sale. Super friendly people though enthusiasm is infectious. GTA5 launch was not fun. Bullies there harassing people. Bad vibes almost fight level.

    I used to like going to them. But with online requirements to activate most games to play, and servers not being available until most games releases in the US, I really see no point anymore.

    The empty streets and mall, with only a horde of fellow Nerds who you know are similarly enthusiastic, is the only thing worth it about a midnight launch. There's often advertised 'events', demos and things to try and get gamers involved in the launch, but I suspect it's just to pep the morale of the staff, because 99% of buyers grab their copy, MAYBE some bonus promo merch, and ditch for home ASAP so they can rip that shrink-wrap off ASAP.

    Midnight lunch is like waiting in front of Apple store before the product launches, MADNESS and waste of time tbh

    I rather order mine next day

    Did one for GTA5. They didnt do anything fun it was just buying the game. Played it until about 4am then went to work. Felt like I was dying pretty rapidly.

    I already have my copy and the servers go live at 9pm tonight AEST, hopefully there isn't a huge server crash and I get to be one of the first in!

    ADD ME ON PSN/JOIN MY FIRE SQUAD! my PSN is shadowwarrior404

    Completely fine with midnight launches, just skipping this one. I already have the Vanguard edition preloaded and ready, I'll go pick up my limited edition for the extra stuff tomorrow and sell the disc to my mate straight away. Prob gonna try and stream for a while tonight also.

    With the GTA V midnight launch, I was home by 12:14 and installing a minute later. Then playing about 40 mins after that and playing till around 3:30.

    Sleep isn't an issue for me really.

    I'm going only so I can have to install finished by tomorrow afternoon. Wish I didn't preorder so I could have already installed it from the Xbox Store. Sigh.

    Ive only ever done Midnight launches for wow & It's expansions and i love them getting to know other players who are local has given me a lot of RL friends. the only other Midnight launch i went to was the Xbone and that was awesome because i met Blunty (Aussie Youtuber).

    As far as working them... just ugh... I worked apple retail for the Launch of the iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and all ipads... not fun. and lots of suuuuuper creepy fanatics to deal with.

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    Midnight launches make absolutely no sense to me. Are people really so desperate to buy a game that they'll que up at midnight to get it instead of just waiting a few more hours and playing it when they're not dead tired? Maybe I'm just old but I can't think of a single game that would excite me enough to buy it at fricken midnight.

    I went to the midnight launch of the first WoW expansion before remembering I hated just about everyone who would be there. Longest two hours of my life.

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