Comparison: The Wii U Gets The ‘Definitive Version’ Bayonetta

After the famously fudged-up PlayStation 3 port of Platinum Games sexy action game, fans were rightly cautious when Nintendo announced the original Bayonetta would come bundled with its Wii U exclusive sequel. Digital Foundry puts those worries to rest.

Putting all three versions of Bayonetta through the wringer, Digital Foundry found that while some of the flashy light bloom effects of the 360 version are absent from the Wii U, the shadows are much better and the load times drastically cut.

How does the Wii U stack up against Xbox 360 then? To put it simply: very favourably. In fact, while it’s difficult to nail down a 1:1 comparison due to the game’s chaotic nature, similar sequences actually suggest slightly faster overall performance on Wii U. Coupling a slightly higher frame-rate with the elimination of screen-tear results in a smoother experience overall. Frame-rate drops occur in all of the same situations as Xbox 360, but the bulk of the experience seems to maintain its 60fps target fairly well indeed.

Check out the Digital Foundry post over at Eurogamer for frame rate comparisons and more. And for a good laugh, check out the Wii U versus PS3 comparison video below.


    • Perhaps this is to do wit the Xbox having weird colour correction settings that tend to slightly over-saturate scenes compared to everything else?

    • The 360 and WiiU versions are running at 60FPS. The PS3 version is running at 30FPS. They slowed down the video by half at points, and so you only see 30 FPS on the WiiU side and 15FPS on the PS3 side.
      This is a 360 vs PS3 framerate test, in whhich you can see how poor the PS3 port is:

    • Having only played the PS3 version, it’s not terrible. The Duke Nukem Forever-like loading times (even to access the bloody menu!) is far more frustrating.

      However, if I’d played the 360 or Wii U version, then I imagine that it’d be far more aggravating. If you haven’t, then it’s what you’re used to. It’s certainly not game breaking, although that’s probably testament to Platinum making a great game.

  • I still have my 360 version of Bayonetta (got stuck on one of the last levels, where you blast a former boss with a gun turret) but if B2 Wii U releases in store with a decently priced 1 & 2 bundle, may just get it again.

  • Sorry, but I’m not seeing any improvement in the WiiU over the 360. The 360 version just looks sharper, with better colours. Maybe the frame rate is better on the Wii U, though.

    • Yeah, nah it wasn’t. You may not have noticed it, but the on PS3 this game was frustrating just because of its speed. Input was laggy and response was even laggier. I have that version, the CE.

  • People need to keep in mind that this is a port, not a full remake of the game, so the same targets still apply for the Wii U version. Its just ended up running it much, much better. One thing that I didn’t like about DF’s article was the throwback to tripple buffering. This is a post processing switch that the Wii U doesn’t have and part of what is needed to get better Vsync. What the writer was most likely seeing was Wii U’s extreme frame buffer, its actually insane what this thing can do graphically.

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