Dark Souls' Most Iconic Music... 8-Bit Style

I can't decide if I love Firelink Shrine's music because it's good or because it signifies respite in one of the most overwhelming game experiences of all time in Dark Souls. Regardless, hearing it, brings me relief. And nostalgia. Hearing it in 8-bit cover form is just cool.

It's a bit weird, mainly because the Firelink Shrine music is so minimalist and doesn't really have any real discernible melody at all. It's not a hummable tune, it's designed to evoke an atmosphere. Dark Souls II's Majula theme might be more recognisable.

That said, about halfway through the cover becomes instantly recognisable and sort of beautiful in its own way.


    Tried to work out why this doesn't quite sit well with me - I don't think the melody is fading out as much as it should. The original song is fantastic because the fading out kind of symbolises the brief respite you get at Firelink, but this song just sounds like there is no Firelink.

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