Dark Souls With A Rock Band Guitar: DLC Edition

A while back we posted about 'gbbearzly', the crazy human being who managed to complete the notoriously difficult Dark Souls using a Rock Band guitar. That was pretty insane. Now he takes on the game's also notoriously difficult DLC. It's amazing.

I particularly enjoyed watching the Artorias fight, since it's arguably the most celebrated boss battle in Dark Souls.

My favourite part of these videos is not necessarily the parlour trick of watching someone play Dark Souls with a bloody guitar, but the fact that it makes the player weak. It limits them. Dark Souls is difficult but when I watch people play on YouTube the most popular videos are usually by players who are absurdly skilled and experienced. The outcome is never in doubt.

With this video? You can see the struggle. You can relate to the struggle. When gbbearzly comes close to death on multiple occasions against Artorias, I'm rooting for him. I know how difficult this is. I want him to succeed. When he finally beats him? I'm feeling that rush of success that Dark Souls is famous for.


    Thank you for pointing out that is in fact a Rock Band guitar and not a Guitar Hero one. Us Rock Band fans can be picky sometimes...

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