D&D Gear For The Fancy Role-Playing Type

D&D Gear For The Fancy Role-Playing Type

Designer Mitch Barchi is has some ideas on how to make tabletop adventuring a very classy affair. He’s crafted this exquisite “Adventurer’s Kit”, which contains everything a role-playing gamer would need to get started on a quest.

The box is laser-cut, the notepad is moleskin, it has miniatures… in fact it has pretty much everything except a place to buy it, since it’s sadly a one-off piece.

Adventurer’s Kit [Mitch Barchi, via ALBOTAS]


  • That’s all good and well but as expected there is a huge lack of dice. If I were to cast empowered disintegrate I would need to roll that d6 60 times. It’s just not practical for a wizard.

    • Note how it says
      “…get started”
      You won’t be doing anything other than magic missile with this set by the sounds of it.

  • lol, not nearly big enough, not by a long shot – and you can buy custom cut foam from heaps of places, all this has going for it is the fancy box

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