Dead Or Alive 5 Coming To Playstation 4 And Xbox One Next Year

Dead Or Alive 5 Coming To Playstation 4 And Xbox One Next Year

In a suprise announcement following the award ceremony at this weekend’s Japan Gamer’s Live event, Tecmo Koei producer Yosuke Hayashi announced Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, coming to Japanese PS4 and Xbox One consoles in spring of next year.

No information on a Western release — in fact very little information at all, aside from the teaser trailer below (courtesy of Esuteru) and the spring 2015 release date.

source: Famitsu


  • I hope they put it out along side the free to play model as well. Niche games like this one need the free to play players.

  • I liked DOA okay, but what I really enjoyed was DOA: Beach Volleyball. I am not even kidding. Not the bikini babe stuff (although, y’know, good for them), but the sim aspects of it – buying all the outfits and accessories, trying to make friends (except for with Chrissy, that stuck up cow).

    • Kind of like how Playboy: the Mansion was a really fun management Sim and the aspect of coaxing people to to interviews and photo shoots to build the magazine’s rep, and maximising profits by combining articles along a certain theme each month was a unique challenge – but at the end of the day it’s a game where you convince women to let you photograph them naked so it’s really had to justify to others why you play it.

      • Yes exactly! I really liked the gameplay of Playboy. If only they hadda just slapped some dresses on those ladies. Sigh.

        • It’s been a long time but weren’t there some models that wouldn’t completely undress, or you could control how dressed they were? Of course I’m pretty sure that the most profitable photos were those where the person was topless and offered the most suggestive poses so I guess the point is kind of moot.

    • I’ve heard a lot of similar anecdotes that suggest that they actually managed to somehow hit better miles outside the demographic they actually intended to target for the game, since it ended up appealing to a lot of women for some reason.

      • I just had a woman telling me about that Playboy game on the weekend (I never knew it existed – having been an innocent GameCube player at the time) so anecdote confirmed!

  • So a third rendition of DoA5 is being released on next gen consoles, hopefully they actually release it with the obscenely large amount of DLC all included on disc.

    I guess regardless It’ll only be a matter of time before all the inevitable new DLC for the game will break the 200 dollar range

    • If it comes with all the DLC I’ll pick it up since I hadn’t gotten to it yet and DoA is the only fighting franchise I like.

    • I wouldn’t expect it to. DOA5 Ultimate came with a rather small subset of the DLC costumes from the original version on the disc (most of which was either free originally or preorder bonuses), so I’d be surprised if they just gave them all away for free with Last Round, particularly with how much money they’ve made from the costume packs. I’m definitely expecting a couple of exclusive on-disc costumes and an extra stage or two to try to convince people with previous versions to upgrade, however.

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