Someone Hit Level 30 In Destiny

Someone Hit Level 30 In Destiny

People figured out how to circumvent Destiny's soft level 20 cap shortly after the game launched two weeks ago, and now one player has reached the next milestone: making it all the way to level 30 with one of his characters.

The player is Mark Edward Neace Jr, an American member of the clan Tier 1 who plays Destiny under the handle 'N3AC3Y". The first line of Neace's Twitter profile now reads "World's 1st LvL 30 Destiny,' so you can tell that the achievement means a lot to him. And why wouldn't it? Shortly after reaching this new high in Destiny, Neace took to Twitter to celebrate the way any gamer would:

Here are the stats for his now-famous Hunter character, as pulled from Neace's profile on

  • Defence: 1463
  • Light: 120
  • Agility: 7
  • Discipline: 48
  • Intellect: 308
  • Strength: 115

The one stat that stands out here is the Hunter's Light. As Kirk explained last week, in order to get past level 20 you need to acquire special armour that will help boost your light stat, thereby adding to your overall level. There are a few different ways to do that. At least one of these involves lots and lots of loot-farming. The Destiny players here at Kotaku have conflicted feelings about this, which Kirk detailed in our review last night.

Neace apparently spent 107 hours, 15 minutes and 22 seconds playing Destiny before he reached level 30. In case you think that means he just sunk most of his life over the past two weeks into an endless cycle of alien-killing and loot harvesting, his profile in the game shows that he also has two other hunter characters as well — one at level 20, the other at 21. According to Destinydb, a quarter of Neace's 107-plus hours were spent playing the game's competitive multiplayer mode. Another 13 hours were devoted to playing the game's epic first raid. It's therefore difficult, if not impossible, to take Neace's total playtime as a marker of how long it takes just to reach level 30 with a single character. Amidst their charming celebration on Twitter last night, Neace's team therefore observed that part of his achievement was that he used his time in the game wisely:

If you're playing Destiny and itching to keep levelling up, make sure to check out Kirk's handy guide for how to push past level 20.

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    It's hardly 'circumventing' the level cap when it's designed to be increased beyond 20.

    Probably just grinded the usual spots forever :P

      He wouldnt have grinded.
      He would have to have gotten to lvl 25 to get into the raid, then gotten 3 raid legendary armor pieces and a raid exotic, then gotten enough of the rare drops (which u can get from farming world events, or pulling apart legendaries - like the ones that are easily available now with the queens bounties.) to upgrade it all the way to max.

      Last edited 24/09/14 8:19 am

      yeah the wording on this bothers me also... how is leveling as the game intended all of a sudden "circumventing"

        I'm just glad someone on Xbox did it first!!

    Just to explain the leveling system after level 20:

    - getting max level full armor blues gives about lv 24
    - having 3 legendary armor pieces and 1 exotic gives about lv 28 when almost fully upgraded
    - getting legendary armor to drop from the raid + and exotic gives lv 30 when fully upgraded

    so the guy above most likely put his gear in the bank and farmed raid armor pieces on his 3 hunters, then put all that gear onto one hunter for lv 30

    Last edited 24/09/14 8:05 am

      Been following the streams of the guys trying to get to 30 and apparently right now. Only Hunters can get to Level 30. Warlocks and titans are unable to do this as its so hard to get an exotic helmet.

      - Raid gives 3 legendaries which are arms, chest and legs randomly
      - Exotic helmet came from Xur. Xur only had hunter helmet for 2 weeks in a row.
      - I have see warlocks and titans grind for a legendary helmet in the raid and no one has ever gotten one. Unless they were lucky to get one drop elsewhere.

      And yes creating 3 hunters is the only way to farm for these and what raid armour you get is random. hunters just got it easy in the race to 30.

        Xur had hunter chest piece last week not helm 2 weekends in a row. Titans had helm.

        Xur sold a chestpiece for hunters this week. The helmet on sale was for titans.

        I was under the impression that you could only equip 1 exotic piece of armour and 1 exotic weapon at a time though, or have I been told the wrong info?

          Yeah only 1 exotic armor and weapon are able to be equipped at a time

        THAT SUCKS. Because it means that Hunters will be the first to be nerfed =(

    Yeah I still dont get why you would make 3 of the same class when you can only play one at a time.
    I suppose it does look like there will be a third subclass but at this stage there's only ever 2 - and since you can just bank all your best gear and place it onto one character until the third subclass is released you have at least 2 identical characters (3 but with 1 sub class and 2 normal).
    Since you can swap your skills at any time I don't know why you would even bother making 2 of the same class as Race doesn't seem to make any difference either unless I'm missing something.

      Funnily enough it's both insane and a stroke of genius. 3 characters means he can do things like farm the nightfall 3 times a week getting an easy 9 Strange Coins, as well as a total of 300 Vanguard and Crucible marks per week(100 per character) which means he would've had alot to spend on legendaries to just dismantle for Ascendant shards for upgrades.

        Just in case people didn't get it from @k1w1guy's post, gear can be shared across all your characters using the access vault. There's no binding to characters in Destiny, which means that you can do the raids etc and transfer all the gear/items you got with your other characters to your main.

    That colour scheme is annoying me

      Grey and brown? Urgh, Autumnal colours are so last month, it's all about the vibrant pastels moving into spring.

    He just played the game normally!

    Uh, 107 hours in under 2 weeks is normal?

      His probably referring to that facts that he beat players like streamerhouse with 300+ hours i.e accounts playing 24/7 due to people taking turns.

    So? My Greninja hit Level 100 a long time ago! *clears throat* Sorry.

    DAYUM. My goal at the moment is to be level 28. I like to be a few level higher than that is required for things raids etc.

    At the moment I'm at level 22 with 23 hours in, trying to get enough crucibles to buy at least one legendary item. But I'm happy with my progress but still have a lot to learn. It's hard doing raids etc as most people don't have a mic on PS3. I even threw mine out just a month ago because I never used it. Now I'm going to buy one again.

    It can be hard doing strikes etc with strangers that you can't communicate with. I did one strike with two randoms and got to the boss. They kept standing next to me, blocking. Bringing the bosses attention to all of us which means one big blow, we can all die. I just want to say - Spread out and use the pillars as a sheild. One guy died every 20 seconds because he was fighting out in the open. Bah! Also, I want to tell them if they're in a good spot, don't risk reviving some people. If they die, just try and survive for 30 seconds. I had two people die but I was in a safe spot so I kept shooting. After they both respawned we won.

    Stuff like this I thought would be common sense but a few tips if you are playing with randoms.

      I've never had a problem. If someone's blocking me, i usually don't just immediately assume they're stupid, usually they're just doing something from a different perspective from me and i spend a few seconds trying to work out how to support them instead of assuming everyone should just have the "common sense" to support me. I've never had a problem playing with strangers i can't verbally communicate with, Destiny has been pretty dang easy so far.

      You could just give up like I have when it comes to matchmaking strikes, unless you die within a few steps of me I make zero effort to revive them.

      Quick tip, try and focus on the Queen's bounties during the event going on at the moment.

      They're purple bounties you pick up from the robot and complete as normal but once you hand them in you'll get an item. Each one of those items will let you complete a very hard level 24 version of a story mission, but each completion will give you a legendary.

      I did 5 bounties and so was able to do 5 quests, recieved two legendary chests and three helmets. Kept the helmet as an upgrade, the rest dismantled down to shards... Sweet sweet shards.

      Last edited 24/09/14 6:05 pm

        Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I'm level 22 so might be a bit hard.

          Try the subreddit or to grab a fireteam. You can also keep going to the Wrath mission and re-orbiting, it's random each time and it's possible to get a level 24 Version of the Restoration mission (Second story) which has a single room of level 24 mobs.

          Bring a solar weapon along for the drones and you're golden.

    It’s therefore difficult, if not impossible, to take Neace’s total playtime as a marker of how long it takes just to reach level 30 with a single character.

    The multiple characters are actually an exploit designed to level up faster. As @k1w1guy mentioned to @brodiek, having three characters means that they can all share gear. And since level after 20 is purely done by gear...

    By having three hunters he was able to get 300 Vanguard and Crucible Marks each week, as well as doing Daily Heroics, Weekly Strikes and Nightfalls three times each reset. Meaning he could get full legendary quicker... And then here's the kicker he was able to get loot from Vault of Glass three times over the week instead of just once.

    Last edited 24/09/14 10:37 am

    I like the shade of his armour, pretty cool.

    Would be more impressive if he had just one hunter instead of 3.

    This latest queens bounty has ruined the crucible a bit

    To earn the marks headshots with hand cannon/scout rifle everyone is just standing around in a circle taking turns to shoot each other in the head

      Really? I did them last night and it was just a very different game. You saw less crouching around corners with shotguns, more variety in weapons and some tense stand offs.

      My first game with the hand cannon I was dominating, considering putting some practice in and using that as a main weapon.

      Scout rifle was an exercise in frustration at first, but got easier when I started focusing on my range and disengaging when I was outmatched.

      I actually find a lot of crucible bounties force me to learn to play better and in different ways, though they are a painful grind to get through.

      Last edited 24/09/14 6:05 pm

        Ha that sucks, I wanted that experience. Instead I got a stupid version of Russian roulette

        On my last few games it got a little bit more interesting(probably because most players had finished it) I had to get the last few head shots against some freaks who have got the fusion rifle timing+aiming down. That was pretty tense. Titan safety bubble came in handy

      I need this crucible match lol Suck with these gun types in pvp

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