Destiny Players, Which Class Did You Choose?

Destiny Players, Which Class Did You Choose?

Before you shoot a single moon wizard in Destiny, you'll have to choose a class. Titan, Hunter or Warlock... pick one.

As time goes on, it will get more common for people to make a couple of alternate characters in different classes, but for your first time through, you gotta pick one and stick with it. So, I thought I'd see which class people went with.

Poll time! If you have more than one class, don't worry about it too much, just vote for the class you'd say is your "main" one.

We already covered some of the class stuff in our tips post today, but if you've got any further thoughts on how the three classes stacks up, I hope you'll share 'em below. If you've got a screenshot of your character, feel free to share that, too.


    Hunter (Male, Awoken)

    (Hunter through alpha and beta, started full game with a hunter. Have a human female Titan on the go too now.)

      Hunter / Awoken, same here.

      I was considering changing race, but after watching a comparison video of the dancing, the Awoken clearly have the best moves.

        But apparently they "wave" by taking a florid bow. Which confuzzled me the first time (previously my hunter was human).

    So far there is a fairly even split, only the titan is lagging a bit behind. I think that is because it is viewed as the most generic class.

    All three. Each for playing with a different group of friends so we remain on the same level without getting too far ahead.

    Went with An Exo Titan, can't wait to hit level 15 so I can be a defensive tank

      I was playing with someone who was level 21 and using that subclass in a strike. the other hunter and I would shoot the boss and he would run around using the shield when ever we died so that he could revive us. He was the real MVP

        Aww that makes me feel more confident about playing online.

    I encountered a lot of them during Earth & Moon. It seems that maybe Kotaku readers have bucked the trend by picking Warlock.

    I like my huntard, but I cannot stop thinking about the big melee damage (or is it the strange extended range) the warlock seems to do. I though a tank would be better for my playstyle, but yeah, having trouble not abandoning my main and just having a proper play around with the 'loc

    Warlock. Partly because of the coat, partly because of the DBZ-like ultimate.

    Considering just about everyone I've spoken to chose Hunter or Titan, I'm amazed Warlock is topping the poll atm.

    Wow, I expected everyone to go with the Space Wizard, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see the split pretty even

    During Beta I favored Warlock - Definitely will pick again once I start this weekend but whether to go healer or not is the next question.

    Thanks to ebgames rules you are allowed to return your game in 3 days for full refund. I levelled up to level 7 and couldnt stand it anymore. Its unbearable at 30fps, you clip through everything, not enough places to explore, story is boring and characters are uninteresting, gameplay is ripped off from halo. The sad part is the sales are going extremely well. I got my $45 back and with the $25 i bought infamous first light. Awesome game and worth much above $25 tag.

      It's a bummer you didn't enjoy it, but at least you tried it first. Other people can have their fun with it. Infamous First Light is suuuper fun and pretty.

    Titan level 19. Punching aliens in the face is the best and now I can shoulder charge which is hilarious

    Only the Warlock and Titan so far. Everyone else is a Hunter so I wanted to be different, at least as different as you can be. I did play all classes in the alpha and beta and decided I wasn't good enough at getting those 3 clutch shots in the right place.

    Hunter, can't get enough of speed, stealth type action.

    I've put about equal time into my exo titan and my human warlock, and I'm having a hard time deciding which I like more.

    I kinda want to try hunter out, but I'm worried that that'll just make things harder still.

    I didn't really pay attention when I chose; I ended up a Warlock since my boyfriend was already playing Hunter.

    Female Awoken Warlock (and she's a babe).

      Have you seen many girls playing? I haven't seen any on the tower come to think of it!

        Like, many female characters? Not a lot, no, but I've only played a couple of hours.

        My boyfriend is playing a female Exo Hunter and people keep following him around! I guess the ladies are popular no matter who's playing them! :D

          This is my fear of walking around and asking to Fireteam with someone who I think may be a girl, they are probably a dude lol.

            That's the trouble with the robots, they might actually be humans! ;)

    Titan. Why would I wear a cloak or a cape with armor???

    Titan, I was trying to make my character look like briarios

    My boss, who does NOT play video games, just dropped by my desk to chat about Destiny with me! Hahah. He only knew about it because of all the hype and knew I played games so figured I'd be onto it. I honestly could not explain the story to him, but he seemed interested when I said, "You can play as a human, robot or alien and then get to be like Boba Fett, a space marine or a Jedi", hahah.

    Hunter. As much as I love punching everything in the face as a Titan, throwing a knife to finish off an enemy while I'm reloading is so satisfying and action-movie-esque.

    Human hunter. I've seen a crapload of titans and warlocks though, only had 1 other hunter in the 8+ strikes I did today on the way to lvl 20. Will go Titan next for the defensive shield thing, looks so cool and will be epic for the moonbase strike!

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