Destiny's Loot Cave Lives On Forever In Goofy Tribute Game

Destiny's Loot Cave Lives On Forever In Goofy Tribute Game

Destiny's infamous loot cave is dead. But a cheeky developer has paid homage to the beloved engram-farming location with a game you can play right in your browser.

Sure, other caves are being touted as successors to the magnetic exploit in Bungie's popular new shooter. You still need to fire up Destiny to get to those locations, though. However, for those times when you need to scratch your cave-shootin' itch away from home, you can play Daniel Rosas' Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator right in your browser.

Granted it doesn't have any actual enemies or anything like that but, man, look all those engrams! This cave isn't stingy at all. Overall, the joke manages to be funny, despite clearly being a quick weekend's work.


    Oh wow, this is just ridiculous. There were many different forms of farming, why does this one get SO much attention"

      probably because its one of the coolest looking (that cave filled to the brim with engrams was quite a sight) and one of the more eventfully farming methods (watching newbies get squashed by the warsat and everyone scatter when the war began)

        HA! Warsat casualties were the best, there was always one who must have been confused when everyone else scattered like cockroaches when the sky went dark.

    Someone also made it on Android. I played it, it looks like it was made in like twenty minutes.

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