Destiny's Planet View Lets You Explore The Universe Through Google Earth

This is probably one of the coolest pieces of video game marketing I've seen in while. Dear God it felt gross to type that. Shudder.

It's a website called Destiny Planet View and it's sort of like Google Maps for the world of Destiny. It's something of a guided tour — there is literally a voiceover guiding you — and you can click throughout the universe of destiny, before heading to some super interesting Google-maps style 3D pictures of the game's environments.

It's all super impressive. My favourite part was this: the website actually launches you from your current location and shoots you into space, before allowing you to travel to the different planets available in the game. That was cool. Very cool.

I won't spoil any more for you, I'll just encourage you to explore the website for yourself.


    I really hope they release the OST at least in digital form, it was probably the thing that blew me away the most in the beta, very Star Trek :P

    I'm not sure about you, but I've been aboard the trans-siberian hype train for a while now with this game.

    Does not want to load the actual planet view for me. Goes white and if you move the mouse it goes back to pick a planet :(

      Nvm worked in chrome not in firefox for me

    Wow, that was really cool, very interesting way of promoting the game. This game looks incredible, so why do I give zero fucks about it? Am I broken?

      No sir, you are not broken. Because I too have no fucks to give

      It's becoming very overhyped, while it does look like a good game and great fun for a former Halo player. It is in reality nothing particularly special.

    So it looks like the only places you can visit are Earth, Mars, Venus and the Moon? But what about the other planets and moons in our solar system? Are these other places relegated to the inevitable sequels?

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