Disney Infinity’s Marvel Toys Are Looking A Bit Rough

Disney Infinity’s Marvel Toys Are Looking A Bit Rough

My favourite aspect of the first Disney Infinity was the toys. Carefully sculpted and painted, each one was a tiny work of art. This week I received the first batch of figures for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes, and the quality isn’t quite up to snuff.

Take Captain America, above. His paint job is rough and uneven, leaving his face looking pockmarked and his signature “A” a mess. And those eyes — those horrible, derpy eyes.

Hawk Guy (I know) thankfully is wearing shades, but check out the paint coming off of his left glove. Sloppy.

Nova’s definining feature, aside from the helmet, is the three solid yellow circles on his chest. Solid yellow circles. You had one job, figure painter.

Look at Hulk’s nipple. I’ve got no real problem with it, I just wanted you to look at his nipple. His hair’s a bit messy though.

I’ll admit some of these issues are small imperfections that you might not even notice from a few feet away, but the expectation was set by the original set of Disney Infinity figures. It wasn’t just kids buying toys for the game that made those figures sell — collectors were rounding them up because they were damn near perfect. These are not. It’s not even just the paint — some of the figures have exposed glue, others tiny gouges in the plastic. They look like toys I’ve stored loose in a cardboard box for years.

The fact that some of the figures in the new set do meet that standard only enhances my disappointment.

Look at Black Widow’s face. Those big blue eyes, perfect eyebrows, the carefully applied eyeliner — this is a figure that was crafted with care. She should have teammates to match.

Iron Fist’s insignia is just perfect here. He’s one of the most striking (pun) figures in the lot.

I pretty much just wanted to post a picture of Rocket Raccoon here, but the Guardians are looking good.

There’s always a chance I just got a bum batch of figures. Maybe a certain assortment had some problems in production and made it through. Either way, I’d pay close attention to the toys you pick up when Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes goes on sale next week. Make sure they be worthy of the name collectible.


      • Indeed. Swap Force was the first time a Skylanders game didn’t feel half arsed and rushed in my books and we’ve been collecting since Spyros Adventure (the first game). Swap Force was also where they decided to remake the engine and make a whole brand new game etc instead of recycling it again.

        We also collect Infinity and I have to say it’s a great lot of fun, the Toybox mode is awesome and the figures generally are great. Interested to see if maybe these were a few dodgy ones or a bad line or if they’re all like this?

  • See people, this is what you get when you switch from a manufacturer that uses 8-fingered orphans to one that uses 6-fingered ones.

  • That’s why I spend 10 minutes looking at 50 of the same figures when buying. An ill painted nipple will get a man’s nerves.

  • Got my son his ones today, the figures are fine. No mold lines, no nothing. Sorry but I get the feeling you mighta gotten a bad batch?

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