Doctor Doom Invades The Upcoming Marvel Heroes’ Roster

Doctor Doom Invades The Upcoming Marvel Heroes’ Roster

Playable Magneto? Sure, I can see that making sense. Playable Loki? That’s a bit of a stretch. Making the main villain of Marvel Heroes 2015 a playable hero? That’s just nuts.

The recently-announced upcoming roster for Marvel Heroes 2015 contains some really interesting characters. The increasingly important Kitty Pryde is a welcome (to the X-Men hope you survive the experience) addition, and X-23 has been doing some fun stuff in the comics as of late. The Marvel movie-verse’s Winter Soldier is a no-brainer — surprised he wasn’t in there already, same with War Machine. Iron Fist rounds out the Heroes for Hire, while She-Hulk and Blade help bring the Mighty Avengers together. Iceman will be showing up to bug Kitty, and the Vision will make an appearance, likely to coincide with the next Avengers film.

That leaves two unannounced characters and two villains. I know, the Black Cat is as much a villain as Catwoman, though lately she’s been on a really dangerous tear, thanks to the machinations of the formerly-superior Spider-Man.

But Doom? As much as I want a Squirrel Girl/Doctor Doom rematch, Victor’s appearance is pretty hard to swallow. I will only accept this if he has Valeria Richards (Reed and Sue’s daughter) riding on his shoulder at all times. “But Doom has been good in the past!” No he hasn’t. Doombots. The answer is always Doombots.

Players interested in pre-purchasing this lovely collection of heroes and… friends can head over to the Marvel Online Diablo website, where bundles can be purchased for $US100 and $US130 respectively.


  • *Holds envelope above head*
    “Doombots. The answer is always Doombots.”

    *Opens Envelope, reads question*
    “Why is Doctor Doom playable?”

    • But Doom’s wearing white! Clearly he’s a good guy!

      Jokes aside, aren’t they explaining away (thinly) this by saying it’s Future Foundation Doom? I mean, he wasn’t entirely evil there so it means they can claim he’s a good guy… Actually, having Valeria riding around with him does make more sense now you mention it.

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