Double Fine Is Done With Starbase DF-9, Will Release Source Code Next Month

Back in 2012, a prototype for a game called Starbase DF-9 came out of Amnesia Fortnight, Double Fine's internal "game-jam". It proved popular with fans and as a result, the developer spent a considerable amount of time beating the prototype into a full game. Now, two years later, it's planning the final version and gifting the source code to the community.

Unfortunately, the community hasn't taken to the news well, with a majority of comments responding to the announcement being less than flattering. The general feeling is that Double Fine is cutting its losses and failed to communicate what its plans were. It also appears that version 1.0 won't have a great many of the features originally promised.

To compensate, the developer will release the source code for the game once the final version arrives, allowing players to craft "far-ranging mods that add content, new features, and change some fundamental game behaviors". Support will be provided, however, it'll be up to the community to produce "any new content for the game".

One user pointed out that the game's official site still has a "Buy Now" button, proclaiming the game is an "Early Access Alpha", despite the fast-approaching end to Double Fine's involvement (at least content-wise). While technically correct, it seems a little disingenuous on the developer's part.

The Road to 1.0 [Starbase DF-9, via Reddit]


    A tutorial mode is much needed. Picked it up on sale a few weeks ago, and the tutorial on their wiki is far outdated. Trying to follow it gets wrecked early with things like meteor showers and people invading that you haven't prepared for while you'r trying to work out the power system, all of which have been added since.

    From what I did play, it was fun, but not touching it until that tutorial comes in.

    Expect more of this from Early Access, I am guessing. 'Release' will now be synonymous with 'discontinued', with 'betas' being the actual relevant playtime. :/

    Sucks, but sh*t's expensive. I hope that fans aren't too upset at Double Fine for this

    Spacebase* not Starbase :P (@loganbooker)

    Out of the Amnesia Fortnight games Black Lake was my favourite by far so I'm still surprised that nothing has come out of it (yet). I wasn't a fan of the Spacebase and Hack 'n Slash prototypes and while I haven't played the early access/full releases, I doubt my opinions will change.

    Well this is disappointing. I was expecting a lot more out of the game than what is currently there.

    Disingenuous is right.

    Looks very much like they got bored with it and decided to call it quits. It's an interesting game, if it ever gets finished.

      I doubt it was anything to do with people being bored. More likely it wasn't bringing in enough money through early access to cover continued development. Which is a shame, because I enjoyed what I played.

    I've stopped buying early access games for many reasons... generally because I've never seen one that I purchased completed to a releasable quality.

    Also as Greenius pointed out, come on guys, get the name of the game right, that's a bit sloppy.

    Last edited 21/09/14 8:16 am

    Its far from a complete game and I will be requesting a refund.

    Wow, I'm really surprised by this. I really liked the game, but agree with everyone else in saying the game is no where near finished. I didn't expect this from double fine.

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