EA Reveals The Top 50 Best Soccer Players In FIFA 15

This is a great idea and I have no idea why EA hasn't done this before. As per the statistics used in FIFA 15, EA has just finished counting down its top 50 soccer players in the game. THE RESULTS WILL SURPRISE YOU.

(They actually probably won't.)

Numbers one and two definitely won't surprise you, neither will the order. But there are a few players in there that seem a little underrated and a few that feel overrated.

For example, I don't necessarily disagree with Neymar's position at 30, but I'm sure Brazilian fans will be surprised. I mean is Wayne Rooney seriously a better player at this stage in his career? He's placed at 23.

I would also argue that Zlatan Ibrahimović is a bit high at number 4. I know the internet loves him and all, but really? He failed at Barcelona and I dunno if he's really in that top 5 tier. I'd rather have Gareth Bale in my side for sure, and he's down at 14.

But that's lists for you. It pays to not get too involved and worried about them as they are always subjective. That being said, I'm still stinging about Anderson Silva's rating in EA Sports UFC. That kind of pain will never fade.

Also: final parting shot: goddammit James Rodríguez should be higher than 32. Seriously. That guy totally dominated the World Cup.

Anyway, I don't want to spoil the list for you but I will mention a few things I noticed.

— Real Madrid has eight players in the top 50 — Manchester United has five — Barcelona has six — Bayern Munich has a mind boggling 11 players. I'm pretty sure that means that its entire starting 11 has made the top 50. Insane.

So yeah, I think I'll be making the switch to Bayern Munich with FIFA 15.


    They have done it before ;)


    @markserrels I definitely agree about swapping Bale and Ibrahimovic, and putting Ibra maybe down a few spots.

    Wayne Rooney at this stage should not be above Di Maria, Reus or Muller even if it is only a couple of spots above. Di Maria kept Real Madrid in the Champions League Final last season on the biggest stage in Europe and Muller had an unbelievable World Cup with goals and serious physical output as well. I feel it might be just be for English marketing purposes, but I'm a cynic like that!

    I disagree with 1 and 2, but oh well, who really cares.
    How much is this game going to cost anyway? Looking to get it but considering how much they're still selling 14 for I don't think I'm going to like it.

    Man U has five players in the Top 50 How???? insert Jackie Chan Meme

    Meh, it's still Football Manager to find out what players will be top of the game in 5-10 years for me. Their scouting network is far more comprehensive than the majority of clubs

    Look at those ex Spurs players in the top 10. Brings a tear to the eye.

    zlatan didnt fail at barca . He had pep had a huge fight and he wanted to leave the club. He still scored goals and everything. He felt like they were trying to make him a number 2 to messi

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