Eight Video Game Disguises That Won't Fool Anyone

Eight Video Game Disguises That Won't Fool Anyone

Whether it's the bird suit from Hitman Absolution or Raiden's Mexican disguise from Metal Gear Rising, there's one thing in common: They won't fool anyone in real life.

But at least they all look funny. The folks at OutsideXbox gathered the eight most memorable ones in their recent video below:

8 Video game disguises that aren't fooling anyone [Outsidexbox, YouTube] top pic via



      Because they're from an external video?

        I would think it's more because some people don't have the bandwidth and/or the time to watch the video; a written list is quicker to read.

        Anyway, the list is as follows:

        1. Iroquois Pliskin, Metal Gear Solid 2

        2. Laverne the Tentacle, Day of the Tentacle

        3. The Brothers Schicklgruber, Double Hitler (A Newgrounds Flash game)

        4. Mariachi Raiden, Metal Gear Rising

        5. Agent 47 the Chicken, from Hitman: Absolution

        6. Marcus and Dom as Theron Guards, from Gears of War 2: Road to Ruin

        7. Octodad, from Octodad: Dadliest Catch

        8. Jaycee, from Tekken Tag Tournament 2

      you didnt miss much, it was a pretty lowsy attempt to destroy some comical aspects of some games, some of which included octodad (not really a person?!?!? who would of thought), some MGS ones and thats about where i turned off the video.

      Kotaku didn't make the video. To have them write it out as a list removes any reason to watch the video in the first place, which would be like copying an entire article from another website rather than a snippet and a link.

        Posting it at 2 when lunch is over is just cruel.

    If you're not listing them, can you at least put that little video icon on the article picture? This way I know which articles to skip over until I get home from work.

      This used to happen. Not sure why it isn't any more.

        I thought so too. I think maybe if the first image isn't the video, it doesn't show the icon?

    I'm pretty sure that Octodad is the ultimate disguise, NOBODY SUSPECTS A THING

      What disguise? Perfectly normal father with, I'll admit, a couple of motor control issues, but...

        Haha, I heard a guy once say, "wait.... there was an octopus in that game?"

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