Everyday Life With A Video Game-Style Overlay

Everyday Life With A Video Game-Style Overlay

Maybe one day Google Glass will turn our lives into this?

Everyday Life With A Video Game-Style Overlay
Everyday Life With A Video Game-Style Overlay

You can see the rest of the images in the series here.

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    That's sad, you have to get skilled at petting a cat? I think I'd prefer a sims progression their where relationship status improves.

      I'd see it as knowing the areas the animal enjoys being patted. For example, one of my dogs loves being scratched behind the ear, while the other loves her back legs being scratched.

        But again that's a relationship thing because it is different for each animal!

    Where's the masturbation mini game where u have to repeatedly tap the X button?

    There should be a cat patting mini game where you pat the cat but then it jumps up and scratches or bites you without warning after a random pat...

    This would be a fun gimmick, haha

    A system that identifies certain activities such as cat petting, and time spent upgrades your level accordingly xD

    Site markings through GPS identify key locations and display the marker accordingly is hilariously possible.

    Inventory is kinda pointless, unless perhaps keeping track of what you had for the day, if an app was created that could automatically scan an item from your hand, and photoshop out the hand (perhaps hold it a certain way to assist the corrective technology behind it for good results?) this would be so cool haha..

    Not sure if it's a gimmick that would fade fast or not, haha!
    I would actually use the navigation and "food tracker" quite a lot :D

    I'm tired and my mind is wondering again, oh dear.. ^_^

    i've maxed out cat petting, can i put my skill points into something else and start over again?

      Have you considered Dog.

        I don't have enough gold yet to upgrade my house to get Dog, in addition to my two cat followers.

        Last edited 10/09/14 9:54 am

    I love this. Especially the fatty little piglet cat.

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