Everything About Toy Story That Just Doesnt Add Up

Toy Story is a great movie. But like any great movie about toys that magically come to life when people aren't around to see them, some things about it just don't stand up to scrutiny. Be warned: you're about to have your childhood ruined.

In their latest video, the good people at CinemaSins put the 1995 Pixar classic under their microscope and come up with some great findings. The sin count clocks in at 76 at the end of the day. And as if often the case, not all sins are created equally here. But the video makes a couple hilarious and insightful points. Here are my three favourites:

  • How on earth can Woody and Buzz, two toys that are appropriately diminutive in their stature, catch up with a full-sized truck in the final chase sequence?
  • Early in the movie, Bo Peep makes a very suggestive comment to Woody when she asks: "What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?" But assuming that Woody and Bo Peep follow the mainstream trends in action figure design, both of them probably weren't made to be perfectly...anatomically correct. So how does this partnership work, exactly? And don't give me any of that "Oh, they're just snuggling" nonsense. Woody and Bo Peep may be toys. But they're also adults.
  • If Buzz really thinks he's going to die the first time Woody accidentally opens his helmet, how would he have maintained his cool and not leave his toy form if Andy did the same thing — which he probably would have done seeing that Buzz is, ya know, a toy.

Check out more great CinemaSins videos at its YouTube page.

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    And not to mention they are toys that TALK, whats the deal with that huh!?

      All toys can talk, they just remain lifeless when we are around them. Duh.

      @markserrels or whomeever approves posts - why is everything I post suddenly waiting moderation? Is it because I changed my email address?

      Last edited 02/09/14 1:17 pm

        Hmm your toys dont talk to you? wait what? seriously? what about the bananas and the biscuit stuck in the air duct on the floor in the lounge room???? That little bastard never shuts up 'help help help me please, im stuck in the vent' ALL FRICKIN NIGHT LONG!!! i have a pillow over the vent at the moment just so i cant hear it as loud but it echos out the other vents in the house....... cant wait for him to go moldy and decay!

    What ultimately happened to the RC car at the end?

      They dropped him into the truck, knocking down all the other toys and exploding Mr. Potato Head.

    Can we stop posting these, they're always so damn stupid.

    When the first sin is that the film has logos before it... come on.

      They truly are. They're such nitpicky dumb things that just spoil people's fun and sense of wonder. Knock it off, you party poopers.

        It's odd, those red letter media people had some success analyzing and picking apart films.

        These are the worst attempt at trying to replicate it, but with out any effort. They just describe everything as if it is a problem.

        'Why is the characters hear brown and not blond' - Movie Sin

          You should prob watch their "Everything wrong with CinemaSins" vid.

          It's a dude who likes watching movies and openly admits they have zero critiquing skills. They often love the film they are bagging out too.

          We all do it, they just have a channel

    One of the first ones. Before they send the troops out, dude I wigging because they apparently have no way to tell if people are coming up the stairs.

    Uh. Vibrations?

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