Everything You Need To Know About The New iPhone

Everything You Need To Know About The New iPhone

And let’s not forget about that watch. And all the other stuff. There was loads of ‘stuff’.

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus: Australian Price And Release Date How much you’ll be paying here in Australia.

Apple iPhone 6, Apple Watch Live Blog: Follow The News As It Happened In case you want to relive the even as it happened.

Apple Just Gave iOS 8 A Few New Tricks All the little updates and fancy things.

Apple Finally Killed The iPod Classic. RIP iPod Classic. I will not mourn. It’s about time this guy retired.

iTunes Comes With Free Bono Woo?

Apple Watch: Everything You Need To Know It’s going to take a lot to convince me that I need a ‘watch’. Don’t care how fancy it is.

Apple Watch Comes With Its Own Terrifying, Animated Emoji Alright, I’m convinced.

The iPhone’s Apple Pay Wants To Replace Your Wallet Realistically, this should have been a thing years ago.

I’m not sure anyone wants to hear my thoughts on the iPhone, but the size differential is interesting to me. I like the idea of Apple creating a bigger version of the phone, but why make the standard version bigger? I’ve always thought the iPhone’s size was perfectly designed for the human hand. Normal people could touch the whole screen with their thumbs from that default one-handed position we all use. That luxury will most likely be gone now which is a shame. Just a thought.


    • Hahah yeah got to give Android that. I think there was a Samsung ad not too long ago that made a similar point!

    • Yeah, there seems to be a lot of focus on the potential NFC applications of the iPhone…but…this has been a thing for ages.

      • It has been ‘a thing’ but no-one has gotten it right. I think the payment thing is the biggest news of the event. Simple to use, security heavy, no transaction data stored by apple, no shop assistants seeing your name, or card details, card details not given to online vendors, and being able to wave the watch at the paywave terminal are all pretty killer.

        • NFC isn’t a thing because it replaces nothing, it is a dumb thing. Phone goes flat? Oops I can’t buy anything, have to take my card with me anyway so what has been achieved?

          • I’ve got to say… That’s a pretty stupid argument.

            As for as it going flat I mean, the same argument goes for every single feature of every mobile phone (except classic Nokia’s being used as bricks).

            Phone goes flat? Ooops I can’t call anybody, have to go home and use my landline anyway so what has been achieved?

            Phone goes flat? Oooops I can’t text anymore, I’ll have to mail a letter so what has been achieved?

            Phone goes flat? Oooops I can’t use my maps app anymore, I’ll have to ask directions so what has been achieved?

            Sure some people will find very little use for it, some will prefer credit cards and I’d guess we might not even have any retailers ready for it at launch but that doesn’t make your argument any more pointless.

    • Pretty funny!
      But like all compare things, it highlights the things that are the same, and leaves out all the other stuff that isn’t, like the amazing live-focus on video that looks like a professional focus-pull, the fingerprint reader incorporated into the NFC payments, the extra securit NFC stuff, the thin-ness and weight of the phone, the M8 motion co-processor for fitness apps etc.

  • I’m always on the off-cycle of releases, so I’ll get the iPhone 6S if it isn’t the size of a small book. I prefer some privacy, you know?

    The watch is something I’ll have to see in person. I still kind of prefer the simplicity of the Pebble.

    • I’m on the “keep telling myself maybe I should get a new one but then don’t because the old one still works” cycle with my straight 4. Which is starting to really get to me. Probably time to upgrade. (Note I said similar with the 5s cycle)

    • Yep, pebble just seems to be a better option on battery life alone 🙂 You don’t need a smart watch to go over the top, you need it to do some nifty functions but not replace the phone. Too many smart watches are trying too much imo.

    • I’m the inverse, and on the “new iPhone release”. My contract ends the 20th and the new iPhone comes out on the 19th.

  • Man the phone is meh and the watch has a massive question mark over it’s head if you have to charge it EVERY NIGHT. I’ll stick to my Note 3 and my pebble thanks 🙂

    • That 5.5 inch model seems to have impressive battery life just glossing over on the Apple website, i’d be really annoyed if you had to.

      • As in annoyed if you had to charge every night? I said it elsewhere in the comments, smart watches need to be more about amplifying your phone and being functional as a watch instead of trying to take over phone functions altogether. Like checking the weather. I prefer to go to BOM than use software because they’ll give me an idea of the whole day, not just a quick picture and a number. Still, each to their own 🙂

  • I “like” news.com.au’s caption under the Apple Smartwatch

    It’s about time. Apple’s smartwatch could change the game

    Fair enough it’s going to be made out of sapphire…but game changer – i’m sorry, that honor (IMO) is shared between Pebble (made a smartwatch look elegant with the Pebble Steel) and Motorola (the Moto360 looks like a proper watch with its round screen)

  • Looks at specs for the new iPhone.

    Looks down at his iPhone 4s.

    “Hey, buddy, looks like we may have a few years together left. Here’s hoping we can reach a five year anniversary. Just don’t make me replace your screen again.”

    • My 4S was the best iphone I had before I lost it -_- Gives my note3 a run for it’s money too, but I do love this ridiculous screen with my giant hands 😀

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