Feel Like Paying $289.95 For Minecraft On Xbox One? Thought Not

My inbox last night: a barrage of emails. Minecraft is selling at almost $290 on the Xbox One store! What gives?

Yep. Minecraft is good. I don't know if it's $289.95 good.

Obviously it's a mistake. In fact, if you try to click on Minecraft on Xbox One's online store right now, you get this:

Strange. It's definitely not an issue with the website, since every other game on the store, including upcoming games, is working fine.

Eurogamer reported the same issue happening in the UK, and confirmed it was a mistake with Microsoft. The game is coming out today at some point in the store, and the price will be as normal apparently. We're confirming with Microsoft locally what that price will be for Australians. We'll update as soon as we hear back.


    Australia tax at its finest.

      Seeing gamers dont drive cars and they get no fuel tax out of them Joe had a better idea....minecraft tax

        Aren't we still paying the fuel tax, it was just frozen from rising with inflation or whatever a few years ago? Bad move as everyone is going to bitch when they have to play catch up.

    I wonder if anyone was stupid enough to actually buy it...

      I guarentee there was at least one person.

        Someone probably bought it just so they could complain about it and pester Microsoft for an explanation/refund.

          There will be quite a few facepalms at customer support I imagine.

          "Yes sir I understand that but why...why did you buy it?"


    Yeah the other day I got D3 Reaper of Souls for 59.95, its now at 79.95 I think they stuffed up the prices for the first few days of the launch.

      Yeah I got it too.....and playing it on two xbox's at the same time from one purchase :D

    aw mann, i bought it thinking it was on special. SH*T!

    mfw that actually is the Australian price

    It was only up for like half an hour last night before it changed to price unavailable.

      "That's strange.....Minecraft went live and nobody seems to be buoOH SHIT, shut it down Dave, shut it down now!!"

    yeah Microsoft were testing it to my knowledge last night across all stores internationally.. it's gone now..

    Anyways slightly off topic anyone grabbed Destiny for $53 (or $76 for digital limited) off Xbox one marketplace with predownload ready :) I'll give you a hint it's Tax Free :)
    this is why Xbox one is amazing

    I paid $10 for this about 5 years ago. I hope they got the decimal place wrong by 2 spots and not just one.

      Unfortunately not, I myself got it for US$14.95 while it was still in alpha, now it's up to US$26.95 on PC. Unfortunately this is the always the result of mass demand and greedy companies. They see lots of people want their product so much that they hike up the price and still sell millions.

        Uh... wasn't it always announced that the alpha price was discounted and it was going to be full-priced for the full release? Which, you know, totally makes sense.

        Consumers are the greedy ones far more often than they'd like to admit.

          Oh I know it was discounted, although at launch its retail price was set at US$19.95 and over the last couple of years it went up to what it is now.

            But they've kept adding content. They're up to update 1.8, with each 0.1 update adding a whole bunch of new stuff. This game isn't the same as the 1.0 retail several years ago.

    It's unlikely someone typed it wrong, more likely a scripting code error thing

    So much for this government saying they'd remove the minecraft resources tax...

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