Final Fantasy IV Is Now On Steam Too

Final Fantasy IV Is Now On Steam Too

Briefly: Final Fantasy IV, which has been released on every digital device known to man, is now on Steam too. It will run you $US16 for the PC version, which is a port of the three-dimensional DS remake of the fourth Final Fantasy that includes some stuff that wasn’t on the Super Nintendo, like voice acting and a new “augment” customisation system.


  • FFIV DS was a real disappoint for me. We were promised extra scenario that never made it into the original game. That never materialised and instead we get some extra scenes filling in the back story of the villain of the game and their troubled childhood. Scenes I felt made the game worse not better.

  • I find it funny how all of a sudden they can release all these handheld console games for what is essentially a premium price. Where is my Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF15 dammit.

  • Is this a straight port of the original DS version or does it include all the extra content from the PSP Complete Collection?

    EDIT: Oh jeez supposedly its a port of the Android version which isn’t even properly ported just bundled with a wrapper (think Wine on Linux).

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