Final Fantasy XIII Is Coming To PC

Final Fantasy XIII Is Coming To PC

Remember back in the day when Square announced that Final Fantasy XIII would be coming to Xbox 360 and everyone freaked out? Hold onto your keyblades: now it's coming to PC too.

Steam lists the RPG for release on October 9, at $US16. Seems like a straight port. Square says they plan to release the other two FFXIII games on Steam in the coming months too, with both FFXIII-2 and FFXIII: Lightning Returns slated to be out by spring 2015.

It appears to be Final Fantasy Week. Yesterday, Square also released Final Fantasy IV on Steam, announced a March release date for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and revealed a stunning new trailer for FFXV.


    I struggled getting in to FFXIII when it first came out, and considering I'm finished every other numbered Final Fantasy game that disappointed me. I reckon I'll use this as the push I need to get back into it and knock it over.

    This is awesome news!
    I was one of the few people who liked XIII, I'll be buying it again.
    ...But why is it so cheap, surely they could have asked for $30? (not that I'm complaining, cheaper is always better :P)

    Will be curious if Squeenix use the full bitrate FMVs from the PS3 version because the game will be a monster if that is the case.

    edit: well I could have checked the steam page, 30GB vs 39GB of the PS3 version. Hmmmm. We'll see ;)

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    All I want is FFIX and Vagrant Story on PC

      YES! two of my favourites from ps1. That and Legend of Dragoon!

    I'd loove a good port of FFXII, that was the only FF game I've ever finished, and I'd play it again.
    I hope the PC version of this will have nicer graphics than the 360 version, I barely got 3 hours into the game on that (consoles aren't convenient for me).

    Also, I wanna take another stab at FFX (never finished it), if they put it on PC.

    Cool. I liked the look of FFXIII, but I never owned a 360 or PS3. Will definitely look at picking this up.
    I'll also be able to say that I've actually PLAYED a Final Fantasy game

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    hmm, why bother? in my opinion 13 was one of the most disappointing final fantasy title's i've played. managed to force myself through about 15-20 hours before i couldn't take it anymore. i really wanted to like it, but i just couldn't.

    Yeah, the Sony fanboys were horrified that Final Fantasy was going to Xbox... Then they played the game and stopped caring.

    as someone who finished this game I can honestly say "Don't waste your time, it's crap"

    I look forward to the mods that turn it into a decent fucking game..

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