Five Years Later, Left 4 Dead 2 Is Finally Uncensored In Australia

Five Years Later, Left 4 Dead 2 Is Finally Uncensored in Australia

A few weeks ago, Valve's 2009 zombie shooter, Left 4 Dead 2, was reclassified under Australia's new R18+ rating. Previously, the game had to be censored so it could be sold under MA15+, Australia's then-highest rating for games. Now, due to the reclassification, an uncensored version is available to Australia.

For new players, the transition won't be noticeable, with the uncensored version replacing the censored one on the Australian Steam store completely. For long-time players with censored copies, however, Valve has made available a free patch that can restore the game's missing features. Here's a video from 2009 highlighting what these are:

Left 4 Dead 2 - Uncensored [Steam Store]


    Oooooh, I have this game and have never played it before! WHO WANTS TO PLAY?

      Me too, played 20min and it looked horrible with all the things that had been removed and i had such fun in the original L4d :(

      I started playing this last week for the first time! Friend got a copy too, so we've been waiting for this patch to start playing co-op online! I'm sure we'd love to have a couple of extra people to help out instead of using AI!

    Allllllllright, guess what I am playing with mates tonight :D
    God it was painful playing the Playschool version...

    Is there or will there be a patch for the Xbox 360 version as well?

    I remember how out of my way I went to trick Steam into thinking I was purchasing it from the US so I could get the uncensored version (I was successful too).

    ...even though we've had the R rating in the country for almost 2 years now....

    So I can finally skip launching Left4gore then. Awesome!!

    Wow, go Valve - giving restricted content to potential under-18's for free.

      Steam does have "Family View" in the settings tab where you can password certain games if this concerns you.

        I'm not concerned in that regard (still waiting for Steam to let me share parts of my library and not all), was more concerned that giving under 18s free access to restricted content is going to attract the Government even more with the new rating system.

        Total War Shogun had DLC pulled ("Blood Pack") because it bumped the rating of a PG title to MA, this is no different - only substantially more popular in the media.

        What Valve have done is put an age gate on the "purchase" of the free DLC. Hopefully that will be enough to cover themselves. I'm glad the patch is finally here!

    Finally am going to buy this game now that the censorship madness is over.

    It also doesn't care what age you are! My sons copy was upgraded to R18+ and he's only just turned 15, and his steam settings say that, too!

    Uncensored, yes. But what about the the removal of police?
    Killing cops in L4D was an entirely different issue and that ability was removed. So is that back in too?

      What about killing of women? Don't tell Sarkeesian, you can actually kill women zombies. And look up their skirts.

      I tried it out for 5min before work and killed a zombie that looked like some kind of riot police man. So I think yes.

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