Foxtel Play Lands On Xbox One

In a bid to round out its suite of apps on TVs, smartphones and gaming consoles, Foxtel has thrown Xbox One users a bone and released a version of its Foxtel Play app compatible with Microsoft's next-gen gaming monolith.

The concept behind Foxtel Play is pretty simple: go online and choose a package, download an app to your device of choice before signing in and watching all your lovely content.

It costs you $25 per month for one basic genre package, $35 for two, $45 for three and $50 for all four. From there, you can tack on extra content packages for live sport or premium movies and drama. Packages include drama, comedy, lifestyle, documentary and movie offerings depending on how much you want to spend.

Foxtel Play is already on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4, as well as LG smart TVs and Samsung smart TVs and Blu-ray players, as well as PCs and Macs.

Foxtel plans to have the app out before the end of the year.


    It costs you $25 per month for one basic genre package, $35 for two, $45 for three and $50 for all four.

    Comedy gold.

      Yeeeeap, think I'll stick with Netflix.

        Yeah this is all well and good, but does Netflix offer live A-League, EPL, NFL, MLB, NBA etc? I have netflix and at $9AUD/mth it's amazing, but lets face it - it's mainly a back catalogue (save for their original shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards etc). Season 2 of Arrow isn't even on there yet! But, I cannot go without live sport. I need to watch sport live all the time. The only interest I have that's even close to gaming is sport.

        Obviously if you don't care for sport then this point is invalid, but for all the shit Foxtel gets, its sports coverage is unrivaled in this country. I just wish they had a HD sports only package. I will agree the rest of their offerings are a bit shit - except for Showcase. HBO shows like Game of Thrones a few hours after the US is pretty great.

    I find with Foxtel I spend more time scrolling through all the channel guide saying, "nope nope nope nope nope nope".

    Then I get back to the start and do it again finally resigning on something I didn't want to watch.

    i was beaten to the punch

    just like everyone else no thanks.

    few more weeks we should be able to stream all our downloaded media to the xbone one via network and that is a whole lot better then foxtel.

    Yeah boo. Kiss my arse Rupert Murdoch!

    Now to VPN Hulu and Netflixs so I can pay for stuff I WANT to watch. Did I mention Murdoch can go to hell?

      Just out of curiosity, why does everyone blow Murdoch's presence in Australia totally out of proportion? He has zilch presence on free to air TV, his flagship newspaper that has never made a profit continues to dismally plummet in sales, and Foxtel is a joint venture with Telstra. Even then, the only place in which he could have any influence are the news channels, and I do not know one person who buys Foxtel for the news channels. Those that do are probably already fanging for their O'Reilly Factor fix, anyway.

      I suppose though, the Brisbane Broncos DID make the top 8 this year.

    Ok... Now when are they bringing out an app...?

    Go to hell murdoch

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