Game Loading, The Australian Made Docu On Indie Games, Needs Your Help

You might have heard of GameLoading before. It's a documentary focusing on indie games, being made by two Melbourne-based film makers. They ran a successful Kickstarter before, raising over $57,000, but in order to finish their project they need a little more. So they've started a second Kickstarter.

No wait! Don't go! It's worthwhile! They deserve your attention at least. I've watched an early 15 minute preview of what the team is producing, and I'm fairly certain you are going to want to see this documentary.

GameLoading has been in production since 2011. It is a massive, massive project that's continued to grow in scope during its production. The team has travelled across the globe, interviewing some of the most influential indie creators currently working in games and — from what I've seen so far — the result is an incredibly definitive video game documentary on what is akin to a punk rock movement in video games.

When a project heads to the Kickstarter well a second time, it's only rational to feel a little cynical, but this project is important. It's also an incredibly compelling story and I can't wait to see the final product.

You can find out more about the project here.


    Not even slightly interested in another crowd funded indie game film. yawn order to finish their project they need a little more. So they’ve started a second Kickstarter. No wait! Don’t go!

    Well, points for an accurate read on my thought process.

    Looks great, but I'd be iffy on backing something that required a second crowdfund to finish. Not entirely sure why. What about the people who backed the first one if the second isn't successful?

    I backed the first one (was there an earlier Kotaku article? I think that's where I first saw it) and I'm not too worried about the extra few bucks in round 2. The money that was raised first time around was blown on a few extra junkets to get some good footage and interviews, and if it makes it a better doco, so be it. It's just dabbling around the edges now - the doco will come and it'll be great.

    Those backer rewards are making this very tempting. Might consider it if I don't blow all my money on the new masks in the Hotline Miami kickstarter first.

    Politely, get fucked. You spongers can finish this thing easily and for not a cent more than what you've got already.

    You know it's not uncommon in the film industry for productions to need more money halfway through a project? Particularly documentaries. It happens all the time behind closed doors, is it so bad that they're asking for it publicly? If you don't like it, you don't have to give them anything. That's the beauty of kickstarter!

    You've got to be kidding me. How about correctly estimating how much money you'll actually need, before double-dipping with a second campaign. If you're making an indie, crowd-funded documentary on indie games and find out that your not insubstantial $56K budget is being blown on plane tickets, then maybe you should reconsider that John Romero interview. If my employer can figure out the boons of Skype, so can you. Either these guys have the film-making acumen of Tommy Wiseau or the money's being used to fund someone's lavish holiday.

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