Game Of The Year Editions Are So Silly

You've probably noticed this by now, but every year, nearly everything gets repackaged in a Game of The Year Edition. And when everything is apparently a Game of The Year, does that label even mean anything anymore?

Here's a funny take on the subject by videogamedunkey, which looks at some games that got a Game of The Year edition without actually being up to snuff for the label — at least, when compared to other games released that same year. On that note, 2001 and 2007 were great years for video games. 2011 though? Not so much.

Obviously, we need a better term that encompasses what 'Game of The Year' has actually come to mean — repackaged games that include all pieces of DLC, as well as some updates/tweaks. 'Ultimate' edition is kind of better/less misleading, no?

Game of the Year [videogamedunkey]


    Hmm... It would be great if GOTY was actually kept for last year's GAME OF THE YEAR, maybe one for each Publisher maybe, aka (P)GOTY haha

    I enjoy Bethesda's GOTY's; Fallout 3, FNV and Skyrim were good collections because they dropped the prices pretty quickly and the GOTY's ended up being cheaper than buying everything individually!

      The problem is, there is no "definitive" game awards. There are lots of different ones out there. Large sites like gamespot and IGN run their own awards, then you have stuff like the golden joystick, best of E3, Spike VGX, BAFTA, Game developer choice awards...the list goes on.

      The title "Game of the Year" loses most of its meaning when there are so many different awards and so many ways a game can potentially win a "game of the year". We need to have a unified, single, definitive awards event, otherwise this will just continue.

        I see the defining aspect of a Game of the Year by the one that made the most money, which is why the "one per publisher" could work.

        In the end, the only people that could police the publishers are the industry journalists and their coverage of the publishers' practices *cough*ha*cough*

    GOTY edition means I don't have to download the DLC. That matters.

      Unless it's like the Borderlands ones where they just give you the codes in the box.

      I don't buy those ones.

        They did eventually release both Borderlands 1 and 2 GOTY editions with either a second disc for the 360 version or the content included on the disc itself in the case of the PS3 version.

        Currently, i'm eagerly awaiting the Pre-Sequel GOTY PS4 edition. =P

        Not BL2 GOTY edition. They provided a second disc with all the DLC on there.

        I treat GOTY edition as all the DLC for free and half price, not exactly worried about the DL part of DLC.

      I think the point is more the name "GOTY" rather than the content.

      They could call it "Ultimate", "Complete", "Definitive" edition, and it'll be the same thing. The main gripe here is the use of the term "Game of the Year".

    "Complete" or "Collected", or maybe just Gold/Platinum edition would work.

    I agree it's pretty silly. I've seen some awful games get GOTY editions.

    Two Worlds was actually not too bad as open world RPGs go as I recall - no Skyrim, but Skyrim may actually have been buggier. Hardly actual GOTY material, but that's now essentially a marketing term meaning "game."

    The issue is that "Game of the Year" is so flexible. I remember that Fable 2 got a "Game of the Year" edition on the basis that it won something like a BAFTA award or perhaps something more obscure.

    Ahh... I think the idea is it is their candidate for 'GOTY' - i.e. including all the extras, usually DLC within the initial purchase. Assuming the idea being an increase in their ability to receive such a title. But again, it is completely irrelevant, subjective as all media is. Just like I'm sure any game you can't play a female in is far from GOTY in patricias mind

    "Game of the Year" could technically mean that it's a game of a particular year.

    Obviously, that's not the meaning we're supposed to read into it, but you can bet that if some irate gamer managed to get a publisher to court, that'd be the unimpeachable defensive line the publisher takes.

    Dont some already call it things like Definitive Edition? Or is that just when they upspec it to the latest machine? I'm referring to Sleeping Dogs new version called Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and is bundled with all the DLC. FYI, i'm totally getting it! The only game of last-gen I never got around to playing that I wanted to.

      Having got it free as part of Games with Gold on XBox it was an awesome game.

    The Last Of Us Remastered says on its cover
    "over 200 GOTY" awards and while its a good game "GOTY" is just an award you can be given by ANYONE that reviews games and these days that's practically everyone

    Or you could take a leaf from Capcom's book and start adding stuff like "Super", "Arcade" and "Ultra" to the title.

      HD Mega Plus

    I remember having the Game of the Year edition of Deus Ex. Pretty sure it didn't come with any DLC but it was definitely game of the year!

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