Ghost Hands Show Off The New Nintendo 3DS

Ghost Hands Show Off the New Nintendo 3DS

Look at those hands! Those fingers! You can see right through them. How spooky.

Here is the debut commercial for the New Nintendo 3DS, which gives a quick rundown of what features people can expect when it's released in Japan next month. Ghost fingers not included.

Newニンテンドー3DS TVCM [[email protected]]


    So what's new about the new 3ds? Does it play games for the old one? Will news games still work on the old one? Coverage on this release has been abysmal.

      Essentially the New 3ds will still play old 3ds and Ds games, but will have games that have been built exclusively to it, such as Xenoblade chronicles as it requires a higher cpu to play. It also gives you proper camera control in games like monster hunter 4. Hope this clears up any questions you may have. There is also a YouTube video if you need more info

        Is it really called the "New 3DS"? Nintendo have terrible branding. This is even more confusing than "WiiU".

      Nintendo has put out a tonne of media for this.

        Kotaku and other gaming media haven't been covering it very well though.

          When it was announced in Japan there were half a dozen (at least) articles on it by Kotaku, and/or at least one article that dissected the announcement video section by section

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