Groot's Dancing Ain't So Family Friendly In GTA (NSFW)

Groot's Dancing Ain't So Family Friendly In GTA

The joys of mods: they have the power to ruin, yet paradoxically improve the things you love.

Here's a GTA IV mod by indirivacua, played here by YouTuber taltigolt, which takes Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot, and lets him loose on Liberty City. Groot goes on to terrorize GTA, and even takes a quick pitstop at a strip club. To make things even more ridiculous, this strip-club is staffed by Groot, too.

The result? A not-quite-safe-for-work (or life) rendition of GTA IV's strip club scenes, starring Groot. So, here's your fair warning: you may not be able to unsee this:


Grand Theft Auto IV — Groot Guardians of the Galaxy (MOD) HD [taltigolt]


    Lol. I just saw this leaving a bar with a few drinks in me and spirit in the sky from the awesome mix playlist came on perfectly in time with the gif and I just started laughing on the train.

    Nothing beats a Morrowind Dance Club: Those moves!

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