Haha, Look How Many Buttons This Controller Has

Haha, Look How Many Buttons This Controller Has

Perhaps taking inspiration from the Atari Jaguar, perhaps the result of too many beers and a manufacturing dare, this control pad has way too many buttons.

Marketed as a PC (and Android) gaming controller it doesn’t just have two d-pads, but a full keyboard. There are media controls, mouse button replacements and even a small touchscreen/trackpad.

I don’t know whether to laugh (those d-pads look woeful) or secretly wish I had one, at least for internet browsing on the couch. I mean, there’s an alt function where a single button can perform a ctrl+alt+del, and another for print screen, presumably for screenshots within Steam. Those are pretty neat.

To save you the counting, there are 84 buttons here.

[2.4ghz i8 Mini Wireless Controller]


  • It just looks like a portable keyboard with some game controls tacked on if you ask me. I can see it making some sense for a PC or Android device.

  • Where is it being marketed as a gaming controller? I clicked on the link and only saw “PC gaming control keys” listed along the QWERTY keyboard and multimedia control keys as specifications.

    TBH this just looks like a mini handheld version of the wireless keyboard I use at home to control my laptop that’s hooked up to my tv.

  • this isn’t a new product, they’ve been around for years… they’re mini keyboards designed for HTPC’s… stupid article is stupid…

  • I use one with my MK802 IV (Small HD quadcore dongle) on my outdated pre-SMART Samsung LED so I can have at least some smart TV functionality on it. It’s actually quite nice, saves having to use a massive keyboard. For gaming it’s probably not so good I never really tried.

  • I don’t know what the problem is here. I have one of these for my media center and it is absolutely amazing when you need more then just a remote control.

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