Haha, Look How Many Buttons This Controller Has

Haha, Look How Many Buttons This Controller Has

Perhaps taking inspiration from the Atari Jaguar, perhaps the result of too many beers and a manufacturing dare, this control pad has way too many buttons.

Marketed as a PC (and Android) gaming controller it doesn't just have two d-pads, but a full keyboard. There are media controls, mouse button replacements and even a small touchscreen/trackpad.

I don't know whether to laugh (those d-pads look woeful) or secretly wish I had one, at least for internet browsing on the couch. I mean, there's an alt function where a single button can perform a ctrl+alt+del, and another for print screen, presumably for screenshots within Steam. Those are pretty neat.

Haha, Look How Many Buttons This Controller Has

To save you the counting, there are 84 buttons here.

[2.4ghz i8 Mini Wireless Controller]


    It just looks like a portable keyboard with some game controls tacked on if you ask me. I can see it making some sense for a PC or Android device.

    Where is it being marketed as a gaming controller? I clicked on the link and only saw "PC gaming control keys" listed along the QWERTY keyboard and multimedia control keys as specifications.

    TBH this just looks like a mini handheld version of the wireless keyboard I use at home to control my laptop that's hooked up to my tv.

    this isn't a new product, they've been around for years... they're mini keyboards designed for HTPC's... stupid article is stupid...

      look at who made the article and it doesn't come as a suprise

        Cmon dude, no need to be rude. The article wasnt all that great but dont be a dick :\

          You must be new here, enjoy your stay :)

            Yeah, the ship sailed years ago on Kotaku people not being entitled dicks who thrive on bashing the people writing for the site they hate so much.

          It's not like he checks the AU's site anyway.

            Which is weird, considering he is Australian..... [yet is employed by Gawker, rather than Allure]...

            Actually he's been known to jump into the comments section from time to time. Gotta watch out :P

            He does since he found out the sort of comments he gets. Once in a while he jumps in, as recently as last week I think.

      Agreed, i bought one for my htpc about 2-3 years ago, did the job for a while

    Kogan do one, works the dream with smart tv

    I use one with my MK802 IV (Small HD quadcore dongle) on my outdated pre-SMART Samsung LED so I can have at least some smart TV functionality on it. It's actually quite nice, saves having to use a massive keyboard. For gaming it's probably not so good I never really tried.

    Haha, look at how many buttons this keyboard has.

    I don't know what the problem is here. I have one of these for my media center and it is absolutely amazing when you need more then just a remote control.

    As others have said, this isn't a gaming controller with keys, this is a keyboard with a dpad.
    On the other hand, here is a gaming controller with all the buttons: http://www.alphagrips.com/ Good luck typing with it though.

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