Help Tony Abbott Stop The Boats, Avoid Clive Palmer And Pauline Hanson

Tony Abbott just got another video games. Bizarrely I can't stop playing it. How could anyone stop playing a video game that comes with a Clive Palmer boss fight and Joe Hockey power-up?

It's called 'Stop The Boats' and the aim of the game is to stop boats. Every boat stopped results in a slow increase in your approval rating. Let too many boats in and it's all over. You are no longer the suppository of all wisdom.

Seriously this game perfectly hits so-bad-it's-good territory. I've found myself keeping the tab open and returning to it once every 15 minutes. It's got a totally sweet Tony-Teleport mechanic and nothing can match the sight of a slow moving Clive Palmer Titanic heading to shore.

Pauline Hanson is a total nuisance though. She ruined my last game goddammit.


    My 'kotaku is going to help destroy another server' senses are playing up since they previously destroyed one that hosted a 3d take of snakes

    all it needs is some Japanese subs

    I lost it when a shoddy recorder version of my heart will go on played for the Palmer titanic haha.

    Last edited 11/09/14 2:11 pm

    Bahaha, acquired daughters scholarship.

    Bloody hockey fades quickly.

    May this live long into the future, preserved as historic even...

    Wasnt there a game last year where the player was julia gillard and had to avoid detecting the boats?

    Still too much Tony Abbott though, this needs a bit of Stop Tony Meow in it. I'd stop the boats for cute kittens.

    The only thing I'd like to help Tony Abbott with is to fall off a very high cliff.

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