Here You Go, A Cockpit For Your Flying Video Games

Here You Go, A Cockpit For Your Flying Video Games
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This is a Kickstarter for a cardboard package that, when assembled, becomes a wrap-around cockpit for your flight sim and space shooter sessions.

It sounds so dorky, but once you see it mocked-up and sitting there, it actually looks – if you’ve got the space for it – pretty badass.

Getting the full thing isn’t cheap, though, as it’s $US495 for a physical copy of the full-size setup. For those on a budget, there are cheaper reward tiers available for kids versions and pdf files (so you can print your own).

The cockpit’s Kickstarter is here (thanks technabob!)


  • As cool as it looks, why would I pay $495 for one when I can buy a cardboard box for $2 and use my imagination? Besides, can this also work as a Time Machine and Transmogrifier?

    • Get that cardboard box and an oculus rift and you’d probably have something better than this for about the same cost. Depends on the quality of the box though. That double layered corrugated stuff is pretty top market…

    • You don’t even have to use your imagination – his plans are right there in the video animation of it being assembled.

  • HAH! that’s pretty much what i am in the process of building at the moment, except not cardboard XD… Still looks fantastic though, but holy jebus dat price!

    • You could construct this out of wood for that sort of pricing, it wouldn’t have all the pretty decals but would actually survive longer than 12 months

      • Go to bunnings, do this with some know how and build it out of ply and chip in adequate areas and I guarantee you it’ll cost half that, if that. We build an entire wall frame for less than that by shopping around for the wood first.

  • Huh?
    With an Oculus Rift strapped to your face, you’re going to be looking at an in-game cockpit anyway.

  • So I’m buying this but it won’t hold my monitor, keyboard, mouse or joystick? What’s the sales pitch?

    • its kickstarter, the place where dumb ideas go once it gets rejected by professional investors.

      other problems with it seems to be designed for those who will put in an arcade machine in it. I guess they must think the number of people with arcade machines in their homes that play flying video games is huge.

  • Bit pricey for cardboard. Wouldn’t it be cheaper as a block of plastic?
    There might be more to it than what was detailed in the gif though, after watching that I didn’t see the point in watching the video. Did it really need a 3.5MB gif on the homepage and a 3MB gif on the article?

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