Heroic Kickstarter Wants To Build A 4m Star Destroyer

Heroic Kickstarter Wants To Build A 13-Foot Star Destroyer

LEGO builder Thomas Benedikt has big dreams. He wants to build a LEGO version of a Super Star Destroyer. And yes, there's an official model of an SSD already available, but it's only 4-feet long. Thomas wants to build one over three times larger.

One catch: that takes a lot of LEGO bricks. So Thomas has set up a Kickstarter (via Brothers Brick) that's looking for $US15,000, which he says will mostly cover the cost of getting hold of "over 20,000 light grey tile pieces, which any Lego builder will tell you are scarce and expensive."

Heroic Kickstarter Wants To Build A 13-Foot Star Destroyer

The plans - which themselves took over 1000 hours to put together using modelling software - call for a LEGO starship of nightmarish proportions. If finished, this Star Destroyer will clock in at:

Pieces: 90,000 Weight: 100kg Dimensions: 380cm x 120cm x 30cm

The plans also call for around 5000 LED lights to be placed throughout the ship to give it that "lit windows in space" look.

Heroic Kickstarter Wants To Build A 13-Foot Star Destroyer


    At that size and weight will it even hold together? Even if it fails I'd like to see it tried, but LEGO can only do so much.

      There was that fully-sized LEGO car from about a year ago. Sure it couldn't really move and it needed metal support beams to ensure it didn't collapse under its weight but it is technically possible.

        Yeah. After reading the entire thing he seems to have some experience in large projects like this and he mentions there is going to be a support structure inside it. I just got the impression from how many 1x2 bits were on it that maybe he had built the 3D model without realising LEGO can't defy gravity.

      Decent series a few years ago about James May from Top Gear bringing back childhood toys by way of world records (or attempts anyway).
      One episode was building a house out of LEGO. In the end they were forced to use wooden support beams for legal reasons but did manage to prove that LEGO could technically work to hold the weight of a human (and itself) if you built the beams in a certain way.


      OT: this is pretty cool.

    That's not Lego. It's an inter-locking brick system.

    what is this, a super star destroyer for ants! it needs to be at least....three times bigger!

    Going to need Kragle to keep that stuff together.

    I can barely afford my own Lego in Australia. I'm not going to pay for someone else to get some. Grumble grumble Australia tax grumble grumble

    Could the resulting lego build be seen from space?

    *looks at current SSD model*


    It has to be at least...... 3 times bigger....

    I don't consider building a symbol of tyranny and enslavement for the galaxy particularly heroic.

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