Hey, Here Are Two Cool Dark Souls T-Shirts

Qwertee is one of those sites that sells new t-shirts a day. Each day the t-shirts change. You know the drill: you have 24 hours to buy some limited edition tee.

Today Qwertee's t-shirts are Dark Souls t-shirts. YOU HAVE 24 HOURS TO COMPLY.

I don't normally buy video game t-shirts. Once upon a time I had a wardrobe full of them, but now I'm old and boring. The last video game t-shirt I bought? It was one of these kinda deals: a once off Super Metroid shirt. I think Metroid and Dark Souls are just about the only video games I'd consider buying a t-shirt for.

But goddammit, does it have to be black? Black is totally not my colour.

If it your colour you should totally buy it.


    The one with the wolf (?) is really cool. Makes me wish I played the game so I could wear it.

    Also, black suits everyone Serrels, even pale, fair-haired types.

    I don't really like square printed t-shirts. By that I mean shirts simply slap a screenshot or piece of artwork to it. It seems so unnatural and doesn't look that well thought out.

      Yeah, I agree with this. If they rounded out the edges and stuff it would be immediately more appealing. These would make nice prints.

        In the Dark Souls shirt, they need to finish his legs and the swords (maybe reduce the amount of swords) as well as finish the Greatsword. For the skyline, they shouldn't just cut it off so suddenly. Should have the skyline always reach a cloud or tree, which are empty fill to have the black shirt fill in for the shadows.

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    I'd kill for an official figurine of the bonfire.

      Make your own. All you need is ash, a sword, and human bones.

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      I have a bonfire. I got it from this guy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OriginalStatues

        I think I even saw it last time I looked! Wasn't really what I was after though - I want full colour and glowing flames. :)

    Nice, Teepublic have these and some better ones all the time but admittedly a bit more expensive:

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      I saw your original comment MunKy, you can't hide from me!

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