Hope You're Not Sick Of Movies About Fighting Giant Monsters

Hope You're Not Sick Of Movies About Fighting Giant Monsters

If you saw sleeper 2010 hit Monsters, you'll know that despite being about a giant...monster, you don't actually see much of it. It's very quiet, very tense. Four years later the movie has a sequel, and that soft approach has gone right out the window.

Monsters: Dark Continent takes place ten years after the first movie, and the giant creatures are now spreading all over the planet. It focuses on a squad of US soldiers, all fresh recruits, as they see their first action in the Middle East.

And that action is basically a lot of people shooting at a lot of very large monsters.


    Monsters was terrific. I'm both sad and happy at the new direction, because I do love me some huge monster shooty type movies!

    Auteur driven microbudget feature getting a sequel with a new team after it's director makes a huge blockbuster?

    Yeah no warning signs there.

    I'll admit I'm concerned that Gareth Edwards isn't doing director's duties in this film. Despite the greater emphasis on action, I hope the film can follow a similar pace to the first one.

    American's fighting 'Monsters' in the Middle East. Subtle political commentary

    In the 3rd movie, they will be able to take human form oooooooo

    Im disappointed that they have taken this route, i enjoyed the first movie and this seems to take everything that movie stood for, and rebuild it from the ground-up... i suppose ill have to wait till i have seen it though.

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