Hopeful Smash Bros. Fans See Ridley Everywhere They Turn

Truthfully, I'm not the biggest Metroid fan. Still, all the the hype around the possibility that maybe, just maaaaybe, Ridley will be included as a playable character in the upcoming Smash is starting to infect me, too.

Take this video by EWNetwork, for example, which analyses the hell out of a shadow we saw in an earlier Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct. I don't think it presents the most compelling evidence necessarily, but it is an intense fifteen minute breakdown of a freakin' shadow. It's hard not to get swept up in all the hope! By the end of the video, I was sincerely wondering whether or not the shadow could actually say something about Ridley's inclusion.

More humorously, we have another video where alpharad. straight up calls Nintendo to ask once and for all about Ridley's inclusion:

Poor Nintendo rep.

Between these videos and all the clamor for Ridley, I'm rooting for the character now, too. Guess we'll know if Ridley is in there soon enough, but for now, all I can say is: Sakurai, pls.


    Much as i love ridley, i don't want him in smash bros. He's to freaking big.

      *gets out the history books* you sir are of the 'he is to big debate', well modders and the people behind super smash flash have shown that ridley can be playable into smash. Plus I am sure that they are going to use a human sized ridley, because he was around 7 ft in the 2d games. Thus he can be as playable as bowser, ganon & charizard are around the same height, plus need I remind you that in 2d games they are sagat, justice, potumpkin, jack robots & TAGER. So why not allow a 7 ft ridley in the game

        Charizard was never trogue12 approved :P.
        I never liked the idea of the 3 pokemons in the game, they just felt wrong.
        if ridley is in then i wont complain, he just doesn't fit.
        i hope photo mode is there, if it is the i will be HDMI screen capping heaps. 1080P full glorious HD screenies :D

      See, the problem with that is when you look back on the ones wo are already in the game like Bowser...


      And then you've also got Olimar (Too small!) Size shouldn't be an issue.

      These characters are toys. These characters are TOYS.

    This is the work of mister sakurai himself, trolling us with a character that we want to play as, as ridley ruined samus' life the same way many other fighting game badguys ruined the lives of their series good guys, so sakurai has been trolling us with a character we really want to beat up in a fighting game

    I must be one of the few who really don't want Ridley playable at all. I love Metroid games, but for some reason I just don't like the idea of Ridley in Smash.

    There are many threads everyday about Ridley being in Brawl on /v/.
    Shit is silly.

    Most likely he is just a level boss, like the yellow dude in the Dr Wily stage.

    I thought he was *pretty* much confirmed as a 'boss' character, like Yellow Devil and the Mii Boss thing from Street Pass?

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