How To Trick Destiny Into Helping You Farm Heaps Of Loot

How To Trick Destiny Into Helping You Farm Tons Of Loot

Once you've made it past level 20 in Destiny, you can only gain more levels by scoring better gear. And if you want to do that, chances are you've tried your hand at farming.

Any enemy can drop those shiny loot engrams, so you can go "farm" loot from enemies in just about any location in the game. That said, some locations are much more efficient than others.

Last week, we shared this farming location on Venus, which seemed like a good spot to go mow down endless mobs and, over time, pick up some good loot drops. Turns out there is at least one much more efficient way to do it.

Discovered by YouTuber High0nPCP, this method relies on exploiting the game's checkpoint system to quickly kill a whole bunch of enemies, then reset them and do it all over again.

Here's what you do:

  1. Begin the Moon story mission "The Dark Beyond." Change the difficulty to be a few levels below where you're currently at, so it's not too easy.
  2. Play through the mission up through the cutscene where your character finds the dead guardian outside the big moon door.
  3. When the fallen come rushing out of the door, shoot all of the thralls that charge you, but ignore the knights and acolytes. Stay at the bottom of the stairs, and let the knights and acolytes kill you. You'll respawn immediately before the door opened, but whatever loot the thralls dropped will remain.
  4. Repeat over and over again, and watch the loot pile up.
  5. Profit.
  6. Optional Minigame: Every time Ghost exclaims "We've woken the Hive!" respond by crying "Whatever shall we do??" in your most panicked voice.

This farming method is deviously simple, and a great way to use Destiny's checkpoint system to your advantage. I did it for about 30-40 minutes with the difficulty at level 20 and got the haul you see in the gif above. Not bad. A couple runs didn't net me much gear I could use (my non-legendary armour is basically maxed out), but I did get a cool new legendary fusion rifle.

One thing I found: If you mess up and accidentally kill all of the enemies, thereby advancing to the next checkpoint, just collect your loot, extract out to your ship, and then immediately go back into the mission. You'll resume the mission just before the cutscene, so you won't have to replay the first few sections.

You can watch High0nPCP demonstrate here:

Granted, farming isn't as fun as the many other ways to get good gear. But it does work, and this method requires so little focus or attention that it's a cinch to do it while, say, using Vita remote play and also watching TV.

Happy moon-farming, everyone.


    Once you’ve made it past level 20 in Destiny, you can only gain more levels by scoring better gear.

    I'm sorry, what?

      you can only level up by getting equipment with a light stat same as discipline and strength on armour, when you get enough light you level up

    Farming (exploiting) for loot ... and I thought this was a new generation of gaming??

      No, this is fun. Anything to suggest otherwise will get downvoted!

        Untrue. Many criticisms simplify the game and represent it entirely incorrectly whilst being judgmental on the subjective topic of fun. That's probably why they get downvoted.

      It's not exploiting - it's grinding. Welcome to the crappy MMO world :/

        No it's exploiting

          It's really not... There are so many places like this in the game, be it in missions or insane respawn areas in the world, that it is highly unlikely that Bungie didn't see methods like this coming.

          In fact, I'd say Bungie would've accounted for it... They did jam an MMO loot system into an fps after all.

          Last edited 18/09/14 10:15 am

            Yeah no creator of this sort of Game puts this in intentionally, and if Bungie did they are worse developers then I give them credit for. It's purposely manipulating a game mechanic in an unintended way, that's an exploit.

              Yeah, manipulating the fact that enemies can sometimes drop loot when they die... Total exploit.

              There are areas of the game outside of missions like the one in the video that have insanely fast respawn rates, and give the same result as the video would for time spent.

              So your complaint boils down to people exploiting the fact the game spawns enemies for them to kill... Which is absolutely ridiculous.

              Last edited 18/09/14 7:17 pm

                There are ALOT of areas like this that seeminly have no connection to any part of the story arc other than to be zones where two factions are fighting each other with high respawn rates. Im not sure what purpose these zones serve other than for farming.

        amen, grinding and mmorpg come hand In hand, yet destiny has the worst rng i have ever encountered, players who arent as good most get all the good loot, im at the point where im gonna start cutting back some of my skills and see where that goes

      Nope it doesn't work just tried this got nothing it must have been nerfed

    Do Bungie have an official position on this? It seems a lot like exploiting the game, and the sort of thing they might come down hard on.

      This. I'd be super careful. Bungie love their banhammers, (not unfairly, mind) and have already swung it since Destiny's release. (Not sure what for exactly, but this could make the list)

      They Banned players for exploiting the infinite ammo glitch it wouldnt suprise me if they banned people for this too

        Seriously? so if I run out of ammo I have to quit the game before 30 seconds is up? Or is this something different entirely to the 30second glitch.

        Last edited 17/09/14 1:36 pm

          Something different, it allowed magazines to have 9999 rounds, fundamentally making rocket launchers spamable without reloading which would obviously give you a unfair edge on raiding.

        Back when people were farming credits in Halo Reach with that checkpoint glitch they announced they weren't banning anybody, so I reckon this will be fine.

          Yeah i guess the only sure fire fix is to patch it out make it if you die all loot despawns

        That's an exploit/hack - grinding for gear/farming is the norm for MMOs.

      Hey now, I can't be held accountable if those knights just crept up on me and killed me a bunch of times over the course of an hour, some of these missions are tricky you see?

      The usual MMO stance is that balance is inherantly exploitable and more importantly it exists to be exploited. You can always go to the best place to farm, you can always use the best combination of attacks, etc. That's how meta game works. Not that I'm justifying the 'the easiest way is the best way' attitude it breeds. Personally I'd rather play properly but I'm MMO group play usually forces me to compremise on that.
      Safe money is on them patching in some sort of solution, such as a new checkpoint or those particular enemies having their loot tables reduced, and forgetting it ever happened.

      [Granted I am making the assumption they're going to behave like experienced MMO designers. The game is great but it's proven a few times that they lack practical, hands on experience in that area.]

      Last edited 17/09/14 2:24 pm

      Hardly an exploit. Loot has the same chance to drop while killing enemies anywhere. This is just allowing the game to help you kill a bit faster, and it's not necessarily fun.

        Add the fact that a lot of these videos have been proven to have taken a fair bit longer than what is being claimed for all that loot to pile up... RNG may be RNG, but when you're claiming to get substantially more drops than anyone else playing for the same amount of time then someone is definitely not telling the truth.

    So for the people that frown on "farming" I have a question. What is the difference in doing this and continually running strike missions? Would you classify running endless strike missions "farming"? Because it seems like "farming" to me and the game basically encourages you to "farm" does it not?

    I might do this, I got that exotic handgun bounty so I need to farm like 500 shards on the moon, kill two birds I guess.

    Edit:... also compulsory... That loot came from the Moon!

    Last edited 17/09/14 1:59 pm

      Just be aware that after you do that one, there's a few other steps. Including a PVP one. Where your progress is reduced by dying. So. I hope you don't die much in PVP and can reliably kill others with a specific weapon type.

        I also heard you have to kill a lvl 28 phogoth, seems like a lot of effort for a weapon type I don't even want to use. :S

          Particularly when you can just buy one from the weekend vendor, IF he's stocking any. He was last weekend, but who wants to bet that was just a tease?

          It's level 26 and you don't have to kill Phogoth himself which is a small relief compared to how difficult it is without killing him. There is a video on YouTube about it

    after having tried this with a mate yesterday this was our results after one hour:

    player 1: 13 blue engrams
    player 2: 12 blue engrams and 1 purple

    and heaps of greens disenchanted for materials, and about 4000 glimmer

    Last edited 17/09/14 2:25 pm

    Do you need to be a few levels higher, because I was level 20 doing the level 20 mission. After about 15 minutes I had 1 green drop and that's it. Am I just unlucky or do you need to be say 2 levels higher to get constant loot drops?

      I tried the same thing and reverted to the level 9 mission and they started dropping like flies...

        Interesting, I did it just then for about 30-40 minutes (level 20 mission at level 21). Had probably 10 greens drop but only 2 blues and no purples. Might try turning the difficulty down and giving it another shot.

    I did this for over an hour today, netted two legendaries, about 10 blues and many greens for materials. Let the farming begin!

    Can you just exit when you've had enough farming, or do you have to complete the mission to keep all the loot?

      If you leave without looting all the blue items and above will be mailed to you, but i assume the best way would be that when you want to leave is to kill everything except the knight and loot/discard all your drops and than orbit out.

      When you actually try the fight is easy. Then you only need to go through the doors and you're in the final room of the mission. Kill a wizard and a couple of acolytes and you're done.

    But aren't you going to have a billion deaths on your record now? WON'T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE K/D RATIO???

      Well it would still be reasonably high since you'd still be able to kill 10-20 enemies before dying so it would still be positive :P.

    Also take a fusion rifle and the bounty to kill two with one shot and you're set for an easy bounty

    does this farming technique still work or has Bungie shut it down like they did the cave. I hope not.... I'm at work now so will try this once I get home, I need me some Blues and Purples on my screen!!!!

      it's shut down.

    can anyone help me because when he said to change the difficulty, i dont have any other, only level 7. so any of you guys know how to do this (get different levels) please tell me thank you

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